MHKs do listen if we speak clearly enough.

It is encouraging to hear that the draft Children Bill has been abandoned for now  Thanks to those who spotted the issues in the bill and made them public. Without their hard work the issues would never have been spotlighted. Voters did the rest. We simply said, “No.” How effective that little word can be.

We are told that our MHKs listened. This is important news – just prior to elections our MHKs listen. To what extent timing played a part it is difficult to say but it may well have been a factor…However, if the response had been weak it is unlikely that the bill would have been abandoned. People power does exist. Right now we have perhaps more power than we realise. When canvassing commences I intend to make my views very clear. If you have felt a little neglected for a few years now is your chance. It seems that potential voters have a voice.


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