Would you buy a used car from….?

We can see that secrecy and lack of transparency combined with an attempt to hasten the voting on legislation could well result in inappropriate legislation being introduced. We have read admissions that those at high levels can introduce intentional lack of transparency (note: I refer to the note in Comment 2 on the previous post where Valerie Giscard D’Estaing tells us prior to Ireland’s second vote on the Lisbon Treaty: Public opinion will be led – without knowing it – to adopt the policies we would never dare present to them directly. All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden or disguised in some way. As well as the quote from Jens-Peter Bonde in the previous post.).

No matter how often politicians in various countries have been proven to have human characteristics, i.e. not always truthful, capable of fiddling their expenses, taking bribes etc, some will continue to believe that they are all people of character who could never really intentionally do anything extremely dishonest. Some are genuinely caring and idealistic while others do not share these characteristics and are in politics for very different reasons. That is a fact that we have to accept. How can it be any other way? We have all seen examples that prove that politicians have their failings like everyone else. So rose-tinted spectacles are not appropriate for what follows:

Let’s start with the EU. Did you know that the EU has not had its accounts signed off for the 16th consecutive year? Furthermore the former Chief Accountant, Marta Andreasen, was dismissed from her position when she turned to whistle-blowing. She lost her job on grounds of disloyalty. DISLOYALTY? Definition: deserting one’s allegiance. So it seems she was dismissed because she felt she did not wish to be allied to those who were involved because she felt a need to be honest about things. In this article from 2004 she states that the annual budget is around £65 billion yet auditors do not know what happens to 95% of the budget:


So the EU might have a problem but let’s not generalise – is it generalising? I don’t think so. It seems this is an international problem. The US appears to have a habit of losing track of its cash too. $2.2 trillion of bailout money was lent to banking institutions but they can’t say who received it:

Or worryingly vague answers:

Not to mention the $2.3 trillion that was mislaid by the defence department the public announcement of this happened one day before 9/11. Understandably, this news item was dwarfed by the news of the tragedy in New York on the next day:

Where does this relate to our elections in the Isle of Man? The next few posts will paint a different picture of the world than many see. Which is why – I would suggest – that we need clued-up, canny, determined, honest politicians with integrity to represent us on the world stage. It seems to me that while we may be telling ourselves how important we are now that we are world players we need professional players if we want to play at professional level. Maybe they need to be streetwise as well……

All comments based on observations, genuine quotes and video footage.
To be continued.

PS I have no idea why the second video has developed strange background noises it was fine yesterday so maybe it will sort itself out?


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