An astonishing suggestion

We are warned about secrecy and subversion and infiltration and the possible dire effects. Who or what were Eisenhower and Kennedy referring to and how could that ultimately affect other countries? I won’t attempt to respond with one simple answer. There are seemingly complex organizations and networks in various countries. Many authors have attempted to give the enemy a name such as the Illuminati or the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers etc. Personally, I believe the web is too complex to find one single name or group of names, although certain families do appear to be intrinsically connected with various organizations. However, it might be best not to look for one particular name but simply to examine those groups whose activities are secretive and suspect and don’t appear to be working in the interests of freedom.

The content of the following video is astonishing. Please note that I am not suggesting that is the answer to the above question but if it is true, and I leave you to judge the credibility of the interview, it could be a part of the jigsaw. If the 52 min long video is too time-consuming for you the following link supplies the transcript:


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