Staying sane on Mad Sunday

New readers: This article sums up the issues that face MHKs

A definition of mad or insane: repeating the same action and expecting a different result. Let’s leave any insanity for Mad Sunday and ensure that this year’s elections aren’t a case of same old, same old. I’m certain that some present MHKs are awake but does that apply to all? As always – I leave you to answer that kind of question.

Should you decide to vote for a different candidate, how do you know if they are really switched on? My suggestion, as always, is to try out the issues raised on this site. How informed are your candidates? Dismissing the material here is not acceptable. They need to address the questions. The evidence is presented here too.

My concern is this: We are aware of less than transparent organisations such as Common Purpose and we are aware that many organizations pay quite a lot of money to permit employees to attend the courses. CP seems to like people to “lead beyond authority”. .

In the Isle of Man there is no Freedom of Information act. This makes it very difficult to discover if we have CP graduates in government positions. Why would that be of concern? One reason is CP’s Julia Middleton’s reference to “useful idiots.” She can’t really claim credit for this term because it comes straight out of the communist system.

Anyway, useful idiots obviously have their purpose otherwise they wouldn’t be useful. Now just imagine if a CP graduate* held a powerful position and was able to ensure that a “useful idiot” was put in a suitable position where they would carry out the CP graduate’s wishes. Btw the CP graduate may well have gained some neuro-linguistic programming skills which would help them to influence others, especially useful idiots.

This scenario causes me concern. I feel we need to ensure that we have clued-up MHKs. We need representatives who can stand their ground and recognize garbage when they see it. Do you also fear Mr. Nice Guy who helpfully addresses every tedious local issue and is blind to the real issues? Mr. Nice Guy may really wish to serve others but has he got the courage to withstand the onslaught of legislation coming his way and has he got the wherewithal to withstand polite pressure from those who might seek to manipulate the “useful idiots”.

It’s all hypothetical  – but the possibility is there and without a Freedom of Information Act we are left in the dark.

*It has been suggested that use of the term “graduate” permits the person to successfully evade the question of whether or not he/she is a member of an organisation.


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