The issues – and suggested solutions

There are many websites that seek to point the finger at the person or persons behind all this. As previously mentioned I don’t think that is the main issue. Neither does it seem necessary to unearth stories of subversion and secrecy dating back to previous centuries etc. Many details are compelling but I don’t intend to investigate these any further. The origins of all this are unimportant, obscure and difficult to prove. 

The preceding blog posts are based on evidence, documents and footage. There is arguably sufficient proof of secrecy and lack of transparency. There is also an abundance of evidence which appears to demonstrate links between the US, the EU and the UK– and of course the IOM is not immune to influences from these organisations. 

We are inundated with references to global issues. So many things are deemed to be of global significance. It seems to me that matters of global importance often lead to adopting forms of control. In the Isle of Man we have already been subjected to issues which have emanated elsewhere eg water fluoridation, the Children Bill, the Justice Bill and ASSIs. These topics weren’t dreamt up by our MHKs. No – the draft bills entered the system from elsewhere. They all have something in common i.e. it is not clear how they were introduced into our legislative system. (As always: If you disagree, can throw a light on these matters or wish to comment in any way, please do so). 

This is the issue: What initiates the introduction of these matters into our legislative system. How do they enter the system – and why? Who is instrumental in introducing these matters? They may well be seen as global issues but I still have my reservations about the accuracy of the term globalism. Perhaps we are really referring to Anglo Saxon and European collectivism aka communism. The increasing controls, surveillance and interference in our daily lives are becoming more and more evident. It seems  unimportant to find the exact reason behind it and perhaps it is not essential to pinpoint the exact perpetrators. We can see evidence of surveillance, interference and controls and we can also see that there are real transparency issues in higher levels of government. Being aware of these issues is the key to changing things. We have the power – if we move quickly. If we bury our heads in the sand we leave ourselves open to further controls and ultimately this could lead to loss of personal freedom. 

Some may prefer not to think about the evidence and tell themselves it couldn’t happen. It is easy to succumb to denial. Some may even have read further more unappetizing stories about the New World Order etc. which might include planned genocide and other horrific possibilities. (Yes, I just have to tell it like it is. I am not going to tiptoe around it). Most of us cannot accept that anyone could consider this. However, history tells us that this has been attempted more than once. But we don’t need to dwell on this because the answer coud be very simple.

We ask questions and demand straight answers – backed up by evidence. We insist on transparency in government. We say “no” to proposed legislation which introduces further controls and severe restrictions of our rights and we let our candidates know that we expect them to represent us and carry out our wishes. This coming election could be pivotal. We could even show other countries that we are awake and that they also need to be alert to collectivism and globalist policies.


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