Who is pulling the strings?

While some may still be concerned about local issues and may also feel that their ever-so-nice  and approachable candidate will be able to iron out local issues again for them this time, it seems to me that if the island doesn’t get its house in order and start dealing appropriately with draft legislation then we could end up in a situation where we don’t have a choice of candidate any more.

Some may be thinking that I am scaremongering but the evidence is there – please refer to previous posts and this one in particular:


The latest broadcasting consultation appears to be yet a further example of IOM gov on the treadmill of imported legislation. We have already been told about the “sheer volume”. We also know there is a non-transparent process which seems to permit the introduction of alien draft legislation into the Tynwald Court.

Members’ objections to the Children Bill database, the Justice Bill, the ASSI, the “land grab” issues would seem to be based on the fact that these proposals contained issues of control and restrictions of freedom.  How do we know who will be elected this year, never mind five years’ time? How do we know how certain clauses will be interpreted?

The bottom line: If we wish to ensure that we retain the freedom to choose our candidates in the future then we need to make a stand this time in an  attempt to rein in the system which is running out of control. We need MHKs who recognise the issues at hand and who are determined to regain control of our legislative system. Regain? Yes, under the present circumstances it cannot be  claimed that our politicians are in control. If they are constantly confronted with alien legislation which has entered the system by unknown means, if they are unable to cope with the “sheer volume” of the draft bills and must depend on advisors to assist them –  can anyone claim that they are in control?

Just two questions for our candidates could really sort the wheat from the chaff:

1) Are you aware that:

There are regular meetings between officials in the Ministry of Justice and their counterparts in theIsle of Man and it would not be possible to list each one. Some of these meetings have taken place in theIsle of Man, some in the Ministry of Justice and some in other Government Departments. In general no formal or permanent record of these meetings is kept and most often action points are agreed between the respective officials.


2) Given that this  situation has been reliably documented can you assure me that you will do your utmost to ensure the early introduction of a well-functioning Freedom of Information Act ?

Unless we regain control of our legislative process the future could look very grim.


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