Ensure your candidate can withstand change agents.

 It’s pleasing to see that the Justice Bill Commission has received press coverage in the Manx Independent. Mr Earnshaw is quoted as saying that he will not resign. He seems to stand by the bill – but then it would be difficult to do anything else in his situation. Mr Robertshaw again tells us that the minister had difficulties answering some questions.  

As stated previously, this blog is not about finger pointing, apportioning blame etc. It is about exposing the situation that exists in our government. It’s hard to believe that there hasn’t been more outrage about the above issues. However, many people have no interest at all in politics and in some cases there is even less interest in local politics. But local politics are what it is all about. Let the UK and the EU and the US tie themselves up in controlling legislation if they wish. Let them have wall to wall CCTV, border agencies, body scans or gropes, the choice is yours – a la TSA. Just in case anyone is not aware of that one: The TSA, Transport Security Adminsitration, conducts the body scans at US airports. Should anyone refuse a body scan they are subjected to an “enhanced” pat-down. Many passengers have become very upset about this and claim they have been sexually assaulted as the patdowns include touching areas of the body that are normally reserved for intimate relationships. There is a quantity of distressing footage of this on youtube – I’m not posting the links. Watch the videos if you wish, and see if you don’t find this to be degrading treatment. Btw. that is against human rights laws.

Security must be pulling in big bucks at the moment: security staff, CCTV, detectors in courts – in the US they even have body scanners at court houses. This has to be a big money maker. But it’s worth it they say – it keeps us safe. There are no guarantees in life and anyone could be knocked down on the road tomorrow. They haven’t stopped us all using the roads because of the safety issue – yet. 

However, at present – as far as I’m aware – Tynwald still has the power to reject these overly controlling measures. I can’t be 100% sure that this is the case because we seem to have adopted some of these things without question. 

What can we do? I intend to seek the candidate who is not going to be a pushover for change agents. Someone, somewhere has an agenda – what other explanation is there for the inserted clauses?


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