The possession of land creates inequality….

Having established that Agenda 21 was agreed at the Rio summit in 1992 we can take a further look at the ideology of environmentalism and preserving natural habitats on which it is based. The plan includes designating areas of land for protection. So far so good. Sounds reasonable. However, there are many other facets to this agenda, one of which is controlling access to land.

Smart Growth is also a part of Agenda 21:

Plans to herd citizens into tax-subsidized, government controlled, mixed-use developments, called “human settlements.” These settlements are sometimes distinguished from one another by how productive or useful the citizens are for society. Heavy restrictions on development in most areas, and the promotion of extremely dense development, constructed and managed by government “partners,” in other selected areas. Rations on public services, such as health care, drinking water and energy resources (and sources).

The Wildlands Project foresees the elimination of human presence on at least 50 per cent of the American landscape. This is memorably demonstrated by this map:,com_joomgallery/func,detail/id,90/Itemid,25/#joomimg

Please take a moment to explore it. It illustrates the plan for the US and shows, in horrifying detail, the population of the US contained in concentrated Smart Growth cities (the tiny dots) and the vast expanse of wild land where human access is extremely restricted. The map was so revealing that it successfully stopped congress in its tracks and prevented a vote in favour of the plan. The rationale behind Agenda 21 is that the the possession of land creates inequality. Therefore land is to be removed from private possession and redistributed collectively. All is revealed in the following pamphlet:

Yes, this is the USA, but remember that the plan is global implementation by penetrating local government and the use of different names of groups to disguise the origins of the plan. Some of those previously involved with Agenda 21, ICLEI etc now see themselves as “useful idiots”.  Sometimes even the brightest people can be misled by propaganda. Vigilance is vital.

A passionate view from a young but enlightened opponent of Agenda 21


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