Civil servants don’t run departments?

Martyn Quayle MHK for Middle tells us that civil servants do not rule (Manx Radio interview): He refers to a meeting with the Chief Minister to discuss proposals for the present legislative period. Mr Quayle cannot recall that civil servants were even present. Well, there is no reason to doubt that.

All ok then? What do you think?. The statement would suggest that Mr Quayle has not noticed the “sheer volume” of legislation that others have referred to. Presumably, he has also not noticed that many ministers are unable to deal with huge draft bills and that they have no other recourse than to refer to their advisors – aka civil servants. Notably these draft bills are usually based on imported legislation. Therefore these matters are unlikely to have been discussed at the meeting he refers to.

If civil servants are not responsible for giving essential advice in many cases, then why was Mr Earnshaw unable to answer all the questions at the Justice Bill Commission and why did he refer questions to the Official in Charge and the Chief Constable?


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