Revolution is defined as: overthrow of government by the governed; great change. This is what we need – great change. NB There is no mention there of violence or civil unrest. Peaceful revolution is what we need. Non-compliance. We don’t need to comply with everything that is presented to us. Stringent clauses? Just make it clear we don’t accept them. If we are being sold control under the guise of a supposed threat then let us see the evidence. Can’t be done, you say? There has to be secrecy in the interests of security? What about the sexed up documents that led to enormous loss of life in Iraq? No, obviously they couldn’t show the docs to the hoi poloi. We might just have realised that the claims were fallacious. Citizens can’t be entrusted with information. This can only be made available to the “infallible” politicians – who were unfortunately wrong.

Still at least the risk of losing British lives was reduced. Is that what we think? It’s ok to spend money we haven’t got on wars we shouldn’t start as long as the enemy is far removed from us and British civilians won’t be involved? Does that sound ethically sound? Let’s face it – criminals and idiots are found in every strata of society, including politics. Why do so many shrug their shoulders and assume there is nothing to be done about it? If we take no steps to change things then we are permitting the situation to continue. We are compliant and therefore complicit.

This is not about half-baked hippy hopes. It’s about an adult, realistic view of the world and with that comes the realisation that we have been seriously misled about so many, many things.  When we are informed we have possibilities for change.

Much much more to come….


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