We might have to educate our candidates

This term of government draws to a close. We learn that Mr Brown thinks Mr Earnshaw does understand the Justice Bill. Well, that’s fine then. I’m sure that reassurance has been helpful in changing public perception of the matter!

We learn that £10,000,000 was written off by the film industry (now I’m not an accountant but doesn’t that really mean that the £6,000,000 profit would work out at £4,000,000 loss if we didn’t write the £10 million off? Please feel free to correct me on that point if this is not the case). If we assume that my quick tally is correct then couldn’t we view the results of this department rather differently? But hang on – wouldn’t that be wonderful if we could all do the same? When the bank manager tells us that the repayment of the loan of money-that-never-existed has caused a £40 unplanned overdraft for which there will be a hefty charge, wouldn’t it be superb to simply explain that we have actually written off a £100 spend so we are now effectively £60 in credit. Is this how movie makers’ accounting works? Yes, I could get to like that.

The Freedom of Information Act has been progressed at the very last sitting. Yes, it was complicated, time-consuming, and they have to ensure that it is worded correctly and for this reason it has taken many years to get it this far. Why then was the Justice Bill, containing highly complex and lengthy draft legislation, intended to be passed asap? And in fact did move along quite swiftly at one point. Slight disparity there?

 But there you go, these things are not easy for the rest of us to fathom. Take the e-borders for instance. The intention is to erect a virtual Berlin Wall around the UK/Europe whatever. You know the kind of thing. Like the US has. Then people find themselves on the no-fly list and they’re grounded. No more holidays in Benidorm. What was that? Oh yes, I forgot – it’s to protect us. Well, anyway if this VBW or e-borders or whatever you call them are so necessary to protect us and keep people out then how come it doesn’t have to happen till years ahead? I guess terrorists will instinctively know that they shouldn’t try anything yet and will play fair until they are in place. Duh.

We see Greece in turmoil and it seems these people are being made to pay for others’ errors. Some believe that Greece, Ireland etc should never have been brought into the Eurozone because their economies weren’t suitable.  It does seem to have been imposed upon them and – yes just my cynical view again – I can’t help wondering if there was a carrot to go with the stick. Now the people of Greece are faced with more austerity measures, more loans to pay off and little hope in sight. The result is rioting.

We are told that the British high street will be looking very different shortly as a result of store closures and amalgamations resulting in fewer outlets – and fewer staff. They tell us that customers aren’t spending, they are holding on to their money. Well, just an opinion here, but I’m not sure that stocking up the savings account is the right move. Firstly, bankers don’t seem to do this. Secondly, what will happen to the Euro and what knock-on effects could this have on Sterling? Better to put money in property or gold and silver perhaps?

It seems safe to say that things aren’t so rosy and maybe that really is why we are seeing an apparent build up of the police state measures. If it crashes – which many commentators consider to be inevitable – then numerous countries will have to contend with irate populations. This is not a case of unnecessarily exaggerating the financial crisis  – the mainstream media has been doing an excellent job of that for some time, arguably resulting in potential customers holding on to their money leading to the inevitable high street decline.

Why not start discussing possible consequences now? Why not accept that there will be dramatic changes but better to be in control of them than to be controlled. The masses have been deceived by various governments and institutions (please refer to previous posts) and they continue to be controlled by those holding massive financial interests – but they are not in our interests. (Some interesting research into the entire system to follow in future posts). IMO we have been conned by various means. Let’s start behaving like adults and start asking questions and talking about what is really going on. We need MHKs with real calibre to achieve this. We may have to educate some candidates about the real issues.


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