The unfolding deep geo-political agenda

It’s clever. It’s very clever. Any mention of the topics I often touch upon is brilliantly dismissed as conspiracy theory. Discussing these things is likely to win you the title of nutcase, or worse. So those who wish to retain their dignity and possibly their jobs (especially if they work in the media) make sure they aren’t seen to take these things seriously. For those of us who can now just about predict what the cabal is up to it is sad to watch the gullibility of the masses who are devouring soaps, X –factor and mainstream news. It seems that these things were discussed more openly a few decades ago:

Larry McDonald, US Congressman, spells out the Coming New World Order in 1983!

Was he ridiculed? Did he lose his seat? He died in a plane accident shortly afterwards. It’s definitely worth taking the time to view this footage.  (The audio quality is not 100% but listenable). 

Much of the globalist agenda is based on the assumption that the world cannot sustain the present population. The 20th June 2011 hearing of the US Helsinki Commission – Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe really puts an end to this scare story. Yes, it is a two hour video  – but you can always tackle other jobs while you listen to it.  Actually, it’s a time saver.

Can’t listen to videos at the office? Well, here’s another revealing report from a one-time globalist that you can read in the coffee break. You don’t have a coffee break? Well, if you are a non-smoker just take a smoking break in lieu.

I’m happy to keep supplying the alternative stories. This stuff certainly won’t appear in the mainstream. However, the footage is undoubtedly real. Why don’t we get to hear about these things? They’re obviously not conspiracy theories. I would suggest they are genuine references to an unfolding deep geo-political agenda.

We need clued-up candidates or we need to help them wise-up.  It’s a challenge, I know. But we have to introduce them to the international issues. And if you don’t have a candidate who is capable of taking this in? If your chosen candidate doesn’t win? Keep asking questions.


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