Big Technology – or Big Brother?

William Engdahl refers to the ways we are controlled. One of these he calls Big Technology. Unfortunately, it seems as if this often results in Big Brother.                                                                                                            

From birth onwards we are subjected to forms of control. Whether it’s  vaccinations of newborns – often undertaken without the knowledge of the parents, the increasing surveillance in schools or the full body scans at airports, it seems ubiquitous and unavoidable.

Full body scanners were wheeled out almost immediately after the underpants bomber fiasco. Did you know that a vociferous proponent for the introduction of body scanners, Michael Chertoff, had financial connections with manufacturers of these machines?

 It’s all about control and making a load of bucks at the same time. Yet we still have the usual comments: If it’s for our safety….Nothing to hide nothing to fear….I would say:  Give an inch…There are proposals for the TSA (Transport Security Admnistration) in the US to control bus and train stations. Doesn’t that sound a trifle Orwellian or maybe Nazi? At the risk of making a very controversial statement I would add that many Jews had nothing to hide in Hitler’s time. However, with the use of some skilful fear tactics the Jews were at first treated with suspicion and ultimately persecuted. Now you may be saying I’ve gone way OTT here but there are Germans who see many Hitler parallels in what is happening today. Surely their opinions can’t be dismissed? Visitors to our shores are shocked by the enormous surveillance network we have. We don’t notice it any longer….. 

Big Technology certainly brings in the bucks. It would be interesting to discover who is really making the money on CCTV especially the ugly combination CCTV /street lamps etc. ‘Follow the money’ is what they say and maybe we should start checking things out instead of following recommendations from other jurisdictions. Who stands to profit? We are paying to be controlled when we don’t have the money to do it. If the UK wishes to cause us financial pain then why don’t we stop importing their security technology in retaliation for starters?


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