Police Intelligence Analyst says terrorist threat within UK government

Police Intelligence Analyst, Tony Farrell, used his analytical skills to assess the terrorist threat in the UK.  That was his job. Following his normal objective procedures he became utterly convinced that the terrorist threat was within the UK government. Further research alerted him to the broader picture.

As a Christian he felt compelled to report truthfully about his conclusions. He was aware of the possible far-reaching consequences but felt he had no choice. Eventually, he lost his job as his position was considered unviable. However, he tells us that he has been encouraged to use appeal processes and leaves us with the impression that some members of the police didn’t actually disagree with him but perhaps felt unable to take the risks that Farrell has taken.

Please try and ignore the introductory techno music effects and the format of the show if it’s not your thing.  Tony Farrell seems very rational, truthful,  sound and convincing:



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