‘How lucky for those in power that people don’t think’

It is important to have a questioning mind and questioning our own thought processes is of particular importance. Why do we believe and accept things without questioning? We can’t manage without the UK. We must adopt all UK legislation in order to function within global frameworks. UK legislation is tried and tested therefore suitable for us. We must sign up to any treaties that the UK suggests are necessary. We must accept the system as it is and never question any aspects of it. How many of the above questions have ever been challenged? These things are accepted as being reasonable and true. Why? Where is the evidence?

How lucky for those in power that people don’t think

– Adolf Hitler.

That’s an enlightening quote if ever there was one. Why do many of our politicians believe in the above statements? The following article refers to the various reasons we have for believing something to be true

“It’s true because I believe it”

“It’s true because we believe it”

“It’s true because I want to believe it”

 “It’s true because I have always believed it”

“It’s true because it is in my vested interest to believe it”


If an item appears in mainstream news it will almost certainly be more readily accepted by most people than an item which appears in an alternative media source. Why? If we thought that mainstream was upright, credible and ethical in dealing with stories we must surely be starting to question that now. The Murdoch story is an example of corruption that touches on the realms of politics and even the police. We know that we are being misled on a regular basis. Yet many will still place their faith in items that appear in mainstream, BBC etc. It seems to me that this blind trust is misplaced and that news can be and is manipulated. Things are not always the way they seem.

If we question things until we are satisfied that our beliefs can be proven to our own satisfaction it can lead us to some astounding possibilities. It can stretch our thoughts beyond boundaries and free our minds of the control of conditioning. If we dare to question everything it can enable us to seek creative solutions to the mess around us which has been brought about by those who profess to know better. Unless we ask questions we are controlled by those who depend on the fact that ‘people don’t think.’


4 comments on “‘How lucky for those in power that people don’t think’

  1. This is it in a nutshell, people are often not interested as it does not directly affect them. We have to speak to the ones who can see the problem. The people who do not see it will not like being referred to as zombies but that is the situation. I think Stanley Milgram was probably very surprised by his experiments and found that 60% of people just do as they are told by someone in a uniform or a labcoat who thinks they are an expert (have ‘ology am expert).

  2. Encourage as much public debate as possible, perhaps even have an event like the one on the 3rd September 2011 at the Manx Legion with Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes, John Hurst and Mike Robinson, starts 10am finishes about 5pm.

  3. I’ll be there for sure. Quite a line-up….well informed speakers….should make for interesting and varied discussion.

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