‘We can govern ourselves’

Having looked at the rationale for lawful rebellion in the previous post it’s worth taking a look at Roger Hayes’ view of how we can go about improving our situation. The crucial issue, we have been told, is that Common Law is for our protection, Maritime Law is to control us and place restrictions on us – the restrictions are frequently associated with taxation. It would seem that our aim must be to ensure that Common Law is observed. After all our government tells us that the Isle of Man is a Common Law jurisdiction: 

The Isle of Man is a ‘Common Law’ jurisdiction

The basis of Manx law is Manx customary law, itself derived from a combination of Gaelic Brehon law and Norse Udall law, both of which have been very heavily influenced by English Common Law over the centuries. Equity, as it developed in the English courts, has been applied identically in theIsle of Mansince the 17th Century. With a few exceptions, notably in land law and constitutional law, theIsle of Manclosely follows English legal precedents and legislation


If Common Law is not being observed what can we do? Roger Hayes believes that we can govern ourselves. He explains that this is not about removing or overthrowing the system, it is about devising a fairer system that we can choose to join. This would include banking and law and order. Impossible? It seems that some police are keen to learn more.

It’s worth learning more. 


We have the power.

Roger Hayes will be appearing along with Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and John Hurst (an ex-policeman) on 3rd September at the Legion Club.



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