Children need informed parents who have a voice

The control element in our daily lives is pervasive. The area of child care is, however, particularly prone to interference. Take vaccinations for example, pressure is applied to parents to ensure they vaccinate their children. Yet are we really well-informed of the safety of the vaccines? We are assured by health authorities, governments etc that vaccinations are completely safe and that responsible parents ensure their children are vaccinated. It’s a rare parent who feels at liberty to ignore the pressure to have her child vaccinated prior to school entry. It’s not easy to go against the mainstream but we know that mainstream is influenced and manipulated by huge corporations.

Dr Andrew Wakefield’s removal from the medical register was top news item on the BBC at the time. The report, so one-sided and so damning of Dr Wakefield’s actions, made it blatantly obvious that the public was being given another dose of BBC brain-washing. There is another side to the issue which of course mainstream has not reported but thanks to alternative media Dr Wakefield still has a voice and in this most recent interview he explains how concerned parents brought his attention to autism and multiple vaccinations. He goes on to explain that at the same time MMR vaccinations were being introduced to the UK they were being banned in Canada because of side-effects. A particular mumps strain contained in the vaccine was causing meningitis. Could it be that the British government was so determined to introduce the vaccine because the manufacturer, Smith Kline Beecham was home-grown? The vaccines had to be discontinued because of the same result in the UK. However, the vaccines weren’t destroyed, instead they were sent to Brazil where an outbreak of meningitis also occurred. The most astonishing revelation is that the result of this was that guidelines now state that mass vaccinations are not advisable because it reveals the true adverse reaction rate.

Dr Wakefield was vilified by the GMC but only one side of the issue was given any publicity. He tells us that all he refers to is accessible in written form. The issue seems to be that those with vested interests assure doctors of the importance of vaccination. While it might be a leap of faith to question accepted sources it is essential if we are to protect our children. Vaccinations spell big money for unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies – that is the bottom line. Dr Wakefield advises parents to do their own research and act as informed parents. Mainstream media uses “accepted sources” without question. We know that accepted sources must be queried.

Locals who question the mainstream viewpoint have felt the necessity to meet in secret to gain further information. Is this really a free and open society we live in? If you don’t toe the mainstream line how much freedom do you have?

The health authorities insist that vaccination is essential. There is no mention of side-effects. Parents with questioning minds and some sense of sovereignty may well feel that the choice should be left to them. Vaccination should remain the parents’ choice. Children are being sucked into the system at a very early age. It seems that parents feel that government has an overriding right to control child care as it sees fit. Are we then saying that our children belong to the state? Do they? Our children need our protection. That means having a voice and using it.


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