Italian town wants to declare independence

Italian town prints its own currency – and wants to declare independence


Order in court?

His Honour the Deemster Doyle, Her Majesty’s First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls, has recently launched a Code of Conduct for Members of the Judiciary of the Isle of Man.

The Code covers six main areas namely (1) judicial independence, (2) impartiality, (3) integrity, (4) propriety, (5) equality of treatment and (6) competence and diligence.

Deemster Doyle commented:

“It is hoped that the publication of this Code of Conduct will assist in underlining to the community the high standards of conduct rightly expected from judges in this jurisdiction. It will also be a useful document for the Manx Judiciary in considering the high standards expected of them in their judicial and personal lives.”

Extract: Code of Conduct:

Members of the judiciary shall carry out their duties with dignity, courtesy and humanity. Furthermore, they are to ensure as far as practicable that good order and decorum are maintained in the courtroom where they preside. The dignity of the court should at all times be maintained. Discourtesy, or overbearing conduct, towards those appearing in court as parties, counsel, or witnesses, is to be avoided. Members of the judiciary should seek to be courteous, tolerant and punctual and should respect the value and dignity of everyone.


Mother’s conviction for abducting her son overturned

A jury found her guilty of child abduction.

However, this has now been quashed by the Appeal Deemsters who ruled the woman didn’t get a fair trial.

They criticised the actions of Deemster Birkett who carried out the hearing.

The ruling says he kept intervening as the defendant gave evidence and that these interventions were critical of her and gave the impression there was little or no merit to what she was saying.

It was ruled this was unfair and that Deemster Birkett had acted like he was the prosecuting advocate.


The family of Robert Kneale, the motorcyclist killed in a collision atFairyBridgein June, are to make an official complaint to the Law Society.

They say they are unhappy with the behaviour of the acting deemster, from the United Kingdom, who presided over the trial of the man accused of causing Mr Kneale’s death.

Mr Kneale’s sister-in-law Patricia Kneale says the family feels some of the deemster’s conduct was inappropriate.

One example she gave came when he questioned the prosecution’s assertion that the fatal collision happened on a ‘main road’:

The Deemster stopped and said ‘A main road? That’s not a main road, it’s a country lane.’  The Prosecutor again said: ‘Mr Waghorn, don’t you think that the manoeuvre you made on the main road was a bad one, that it was dangerous?’ and Mr Waghorn replied, ‘ But his Honour has just said it is only a country lane.’ With that the Deemster replied ,’ Mr Waghorn, you’re a clever man to agree with the Deemster’ and the people in the court started chuckling. We were very, very hurt by it. And after all – it is a main road.

 ‘A roads constitute the main roads of the island whilst roads labelled B to D will decrease in size and or quality’



manxasthehills2011: I rest my case

‘Fiscal union strikes at the very core of democracy’

Mrs Merkel has cancelled a high-profile trip to Russia on September 7, the crucial day when the package goes to the Bundestag and the country’s constitutional court rules on the legality of the EU’s bail-out machinery.

If the court rules that the €440bn rescue fund (EFSF) breaches Treaty law or undermines German fiscal sovereignty, it risks setting off an instant brushfire across monetary union.

Civil servant confirms that Freedom Bus is on the right track

Hi Folks,

A Lovely Call …
Got a call today, from a senior ranking civil servant called *****.
She shall currently remain nameless. The lady was kind enough
to express that she fully supported our efforts to educate the
people of Eire, and iterated that we were 1000% correct in our
understanding of the three main things that we are teaching.

2. Securitisation and
3. Fractional Reserve Banking.

Qualified to Talk.
The lady has a Degree in Economics and Politics, & involved in
Banking (the Central Bank of Ireland) for approx. 20 years. Her
credentials speak for themselves. Not that they need to.

Senior Civil Servants.
She told me; “there are quite a few people at her senior level,
that support our work and are ready to openly participate and
advocate taking this Corporate Government apart … and more
than willing to facilitate demolishing the Central Bank of Ireland”.

No More Manipulation.
She also commented that she & many of her friends & colleagues
were “no longer willing to participate in the destruction of the lives
of the People of Ireland”. That this mood was rife also amongst the
senior ranks of Gardai and of the Army. Also, that The Common Law
Society had played a very direct part in ostracising and forcing MBNA
to leave. That it was no longer financially viable to stay here as the …
“Irish People can no longer be manipulated and bullied into paying”.

Banksters to Leave.
This was quite a refreshing call to get …
We are not alone folks. Now is the right
time for all of us to ask more appropriate
questions, and NOT PAY another cent to
any Banksters until they leave.

Our ancestors have starved and were forced to leave this land. They did
so under Imperialist Tyranny. Let’s pay a small tribute to the millions of
our people that have paid such a heavy price. All that is left for us to do
is to simply STOP PAYING!      Then the Banksers will leave us in peace …

Read This.
You can do so Legally, Lawfully and Non-Violently!
Just start by reading this:

Spread the Word!
Please pass this email on to ALL your friends and family.
It may well save their lives, family, homes & businesses.

The very best for now; love & peace.
Darrell: oftheancientclan O’Deagadh
m: 085 173 5737 | e: darrell(at)thecommonlawsociety(dot)com
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New York Times – EU democracy deficit

——–”NEWSFLASH” ——– Europe has a “Democracy deficit” NYT Admits FACT!

NYT Finally Reports Eurosocialist Autocracy

American Thinker 25th Aug 2011

It’s gotten so obvious that even the New York Times has taken notice.  Europe is no longer governed by old-fashioned electoral democracies. That fact is even acknowledged by the European Union, which admits that, yes, Europe does have a “democracy deficit.”  Czech President Vaclav Klaus has seriously compared the EU to the Soviet Union. The cynics now call it the EuroSoviet Union.

What the EU fails to admit is that its Ruling Class routinely tells endless lies to the voters, with no fear of consequences. The Ruling Class controls  most of the media, including the UK Guardian and the BBC — the Pravda and Istvestiya of modern Britain.
The resulting massive corruption, ideological rigidity, leftwing insanity, taxpayer exploitation, and sheer misgovernment is unbelievable; surrendering to Islamic radicalism is just a small part of it.

When Prime Minister Gordon Brown ran for election last year, a motherly lady asked him about out-of-control immigration from Talibanistan.  Gordon Brown smiled like a Cheshire Cat, got back in his shiny limo, and called her “an old, bigoted woman.”  It went on YouTube, and ole’ Gordon lost.  Without YouTube he might still be in power.

The newspapers used to do that for us.

In London the Parliament has become powerless, like the Queen. European. Parliaments are Hollywood fronts. Voting for your MP is like voting for Da Mare in Chicago: You know it can’t make any difference.

The big surprise is that the New York Times has finally reported Europe’s “democracy deficit.” Even though the NYT is sweating blood every day to create the same power-abusing Ruling Class here.

The headline reads E.U. Elites Keep Power From the People. Written by Judy Dempsey,  the article quotes great philosopher Jürgen Habermas, who finally dropped the penny:

“The political elites “are burying their heads in the sand,” he said … “They are doggedly persisting with their elitist project and the disenfranchisement of the European population.”

The Ruling Class are mostly socialists. Barack Obama is a perfect example of the species.  Obama cannot tolerate criticism; he is beyond criticism.  Imagine ten thousand officials like Obama in the new EU capital of Brussels, and you’ve got the idea.

The Elite’s infallibility is their basic assumption in life. This follows Stalin’s reported advice: It’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes.

Yes, conservative critics have been saying all that for a couple of decades, and it is good news that the NYT finally decided it was Fit for You to Read. The excellent  British blog Euroreferendum puts it this way:

“People are fed up with politics and politicians because they know that their vote has little impact … Victims of crime cannot change their local policing  …  because these are decided by central government.

… The European Commissioners are effectively a one party state;

… Central government has taken on so many responsibilities that it is not possible for the politicians to discharge their responsibilities adequately, with a result that vital decisions are delegated … to civil servants … .

… The State has a lousy track record as a supplier of health and education services. … There is a common feeling of helplessness that officials, more than elected politicians, run the country.

… over 60 percent of the laws … are created by people who have not been elected and cannot be removed in elections.”

Might we need an international Tea Party?  Socialism is an internationalist  one-party creed.  It may take an international coalition of  normal people to bring the Ruling Class down to earth.
Read More : American Thinker

The British public, though, is still slow to take to blogs – preferring the safety of the MSM sites and the nanny BBC. And as long as they – and the rest of the clogs – cream off the traffic, our impact is going to be limited. Too many of our countrymen, it seems, prefer their intellectual chains.

MHKs – what has been going on under your watch?

We know that draft legislation is “copied and pasted” from UK legislation following opaque meetings between the Ministry of Justice and the Chief Secretary’s office. We know that the proposed legislation is frequently unsuited to our needs and that more stringent clauses are added to the Isle of Man draft and we are also aware that slavishly copying UK working practices can cost half a million pounds at a stroke. It seems reasonable to assume that the introduction of measures relating to new legislation doesn’t come cheaply either.

MHKs who are burdened with the “sheer volume” of draft legislation and who are not infrequently under time constraints to get their heads round things are compelled to seek advice from senior civil servants. So who is making the decisions? The MHKs? I would suggest that they frequently act on information provided by senior civil servants. The manner in which facts are presented can influence the opinion of those who seek advice. Unwittingly or otherwise the facts may be presented with a certain spin or bias – advantages given more prominence than disadvantages, for instance. Indeed it is possible that some avenues of investigation remain unexplored. Therefore, it would seem reasonable that we should actually have much more information about the senior civil servants themselves. They do not stand for election but are arguably powerful components in the process whose valued advice may be accepted unquestioningly in some cases.

All the above information is available on this blog and is in the public arena. This is no fairy story. Don’t you find it a tad odd that we have almost (there are one or two exceptions such as Chris Robertshaw who has detailed this process) twenty-four members who have found themselves bogged down by foreign legislation which they didn’t request, which is unsuited to our needs, may introduce unnecessary draconian measures and above all phenomenal costs and yet they haven’t thought it necessary to mention it to the electorate?

It is this issue that has prompted me to blog because I feel cheated. I didn’t vote for any of the contentious issues which have arisen over the past five years. Nor did my candidate mention them – he was unaware of the issues that would be introduced. However, I have not heard him protest about the system which has been instrumental in achieving the introduction of unwanted proposals. I voted for him but who did I get? He may not have intended to mislead his constituents but if it was unintentional then it begs the question: Is he awake? He won’t be getting my vote this time. How about your candidates? It  seems to me that these guys are asleep or complicit or lacking in intelligence if they haven’t noticed how the game is being played. Why haven’t they mentioned it?

“Germany demands extensive surrender of national fiscal sovereignty”

If you read the previous post you might just find the above of some concern.

Yes, but we are an offshore finance centre you say? Well, we had to get rid of the nasty “tax haven” term didn’t we? Bearing in mind that we ensure we comply with as many restrictions as possible can we be sure that we will be able to continue to offer attractive benefits?

Big Brother EU would be so pleased to see the demise of offshore centres. Germany has been trying to achieve this for many years. The UK now kowtows to the EU because it has effectively lost its sovereignty. Add to that our lack of robust rejection of UK demands. Watch this space……..


IOM ruled from Brussels?

Numerous blog posts refer to the cosy IOM / UK relationship and how our legislation is copied and pasted from the UK and usually contains more stringent clauses. We have seen examples of extreme, alien and irrelevant clauses in draft bills. We may wonder who is driving this. Well, it seems that the UK is “harmonizing” its legislation with the EU. Indirectly, it seems, so are we. 

The Queen has signed all six EU constitutional treaties, which abolished Britain as an independent nation on 1st January 2009.

The police state growing around you, and reported on by some national newspapers, is the EU police state. We’ve been in the EU for 38 years, we are harmonising our laws with the EU, the emerging police state is the result.

 …we present some of the “founding fathers” of the “Brussels EU”. All of them are individuals deeply rooted in IG Farben’s military attempt to conquer Europe and the world in WWII, and who miraculously survived the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal to become the architects and “founding fathers” of the “Brussels EU”.

This article reveals the plans of the interest groups, who have been ruthlessly seeking to monopolize health, food and energy supplies, for 2009 – particularly as they relate to its plan to turn Europe into a corporate dictatorship under the stranglehold of the chemical/drug and oil Cartel. In short, the “Brussels EU” is being strategically developed as the “politburo” of the “Icarus Sect” and as a bridgehead for the global expansion plans of the Cartel

Suggested alternatives:

Much of the above information has been freely available on the internet for some time. There appears to be ample evidence to back up the claims. Yet the claims ares ignored rather than denied.

Politicians who continue to play the game – that includes our home-grown MHKs – without raising these issues are surely not working in the interests of the electorate. The present situation appears to promote the introduction of UK “harmonizing legislation” into the IOM. That would suggest that we are in reality ruled from Brussels. Is that what you want?

If your candidates haven’t raised this issue then are they asleep? It might be worth asking them if they are awake.