UK politicians guilty of treason?

What if British leaders had committed crimes of treason and sedition in the 1970s when they agreed that the UK would join Europe? This is the claim of Albert Burgess, former special constable. He goes on to list the less than transparent goings-on that led to the UK becoming a member of the EU/EEC. Based on documentation obtained Burgess claims that the media, foreign office and civil servants were involved in presenting the spin required to achieve the aims of politicians, from both sides of the house, and the so-called elite. The video provides the following quote: 

To control and supervise this process it will be necessary to strengthen the democratic organization of the Community with consequent decline of the primacy and prestige of the national parliaments.

 Hmmm. Does anyone have a description for a so-called land of home rule that spends an inordinate amount of time dealing with legislation from the UK which actually originated in Europe?  

Albert Burgess concludes that he was born with rights and freedoms that pre-date Alfred the Great and no-one can take them away.


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