Is Lawful Rebellion a step too far?

Some may agree with particular points made in the last post yet question if Lawful Rebellion is really the answer. It may be the only answer unless politicians wake up and also represent us instead of governing us. It seems that many minorities find protection within the legislative system. However, there are undoubtedly other minorities who are afforded no protection and in some cases can even be persecuted for wishing to practice their beliefs.

If you prefer to have the choice of using natural or herbal products in supplement form – or even in natural form – don’t look for protection of your rights if these are on the Codex Alimentarius list of banned supplements/herbs. You may have been taking them for years with absolutely no side-effects but if “they” decide they are unsuitable then hard luck – and don’t expect our MHKs to differ on these decisions. However, don’t think for one minute that this is for your protection. Aspartame, proven to have any number of horrendous effects – see Dr Mercola Sweet Deception, is quite likely to be contained in countless freely available soft drinks and low-calorie foods. If you don’t wish to consume this vile stuff then you’d better make sure you have your reading glasses with you when you go shopping, the ingredient lists are frequently typed in very small font.

If you prefer your water without fluoride, known to cause fluorosis, osteoporosis and worse, then you won’t find any assistance from the health authorities. They are probably busy supporting the local Fluoridation Society member. Wouldn’t you think you would be allowed to choose whether or not highly toxic substances are added to your water? Well, thanks to those who took part in the Isle of Man survey we were saved from this fate for the time being but don’t forget that our government was happy to spend money promoting fluoridation

You may also prefer traditionally grown vegetables. Where are you going to find those?  In the organics section of the vegetable department. You will find less selection and higher prices but there you go – you belong to a minority, I’m afraid. Perhaps you would like reassurance that the rice or maize you are about to purchase is GM free? That can’t always be guaranteed. Maybe you find that alternative health care provides you with more relief from chronic pain than allopathic treatment. You could save the health service a fortune in doctors’ time and pharmaceutical treatment but don’t expect any assistance with the payment of your alternative treatment – you belong to a minority and the accepted method is what keeps the bucks flowing for the pharmaceutical companies.

 Perhaps you have your reservations about vaccinations – especially the multiples prior to school entrance? You had best keep your opinions to yourself because that view is in variance with the system. Have you had success with natural or alternative remedies and you would like others to benefit from it? No – it’s best not to publicly spread the word. Sorry. You belong to a minority – and the silencing of success stories will ensure that you remain in the minority.

 There is no minority protection for any of the above issues. If those within the system deem something to be correct and right it is accepted – often without question. If your views are likely to endanger the pharmaceutical giants etc. then you will most probably search in vain for protection or support within the system.

It seems that around a quarter of the adult population of the island is taking anti-depressants. (As always, I am grateful for any comments if readers are privy to different information). Just how much does this cost us in the short term as well as the long term? Are we really in need of so much medication? I doubt it. Does anyone look into this mass drug consumption? In the US there are moves to increase the implemenation of mandatory vaccinations . In view of the information in previous posts about side-effects and the reluctance (that’s being kind) of the authorities to thoroughly investigate these it seems criminal that anyone would insist on compulsory one-size-fits-all vaccination programmes. Yet again choices are being removed and dissenters are more likely to be persecuted than protected.

The system is there to protect the obscenely rich corporations, not the minorities. This has nothing to do with party politics. It is the system that is in place. The first step to removing this is to ensure that we clean up our act and legislative system. However, if this is not going to happen in the short term then we must protect ourselves.

Learn more at the Lawful Rebellion Conference in the Legion Hall 3rd September 10pm – 5pm.                                                                                                                              


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