“Vaccinate or else” – Ireland

Based on the fact that previous posts raised many queries and concerns about vaccination and also raised questions about parents’ rights to inform themselves and make their own decisions about the safety of vaccines it seems astounding that Ireland’s Minister for Social Protection  should be considering incentivising vaccination. In plain text: benefits to be withheld if children are not vaccinated. Just how far down the Orwellian route can we go?


 We have doctors telling us that we cannot assume vaccines to be safe. There are reported serious side effects resulting from vaccines. Therefore the decision of whether or not to vaccinate has to be left to the parents. 

If this can happen to our close neighbours it is likely that we are not immune to the same tactics (pardon the pun). As usual, the pharmaceutical companies are a part of the plan.


2 comments on ““Vaccinate or else” – Ireland

  1. The suggestion that in order to qualify for financial assistance and education for their children, parents should be willing to surrender their youngsters to what can quite reasonably be described as child abuse, would have been unthinkable a few short years ago. What might our grand parents have thought of this development, we might reasonably ask ourselves? As a progression in the ongoing assaults on human relationships within families, communities and even between the sexes, this latest move was to be expected. Its offhand dismissal of all the traditional associations with words such as Mother, Father, Guardian and Family etc. advances the dehumanising process we are all being subjected to. Our new and aspiring Gods are evidently engaged in the process of remodelling the human race more in their own image, as Gods are in the habit of doing.

    • Just how much further down this line are we prepared to go? Yes, indeed – what would our forefathers have thought of our present situation? They laid down their lives for a freedom we don’t enjoy. However, as long as the media successfully brainwash us into fearing everything and convincing us of the need to be dependent on “protection” the change will take a little longer. The latest post includes a pertinent clip from Network However, I am sure that change is on the way.

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