We are to pay to be observed?

Yes, I know. I covered this in the last post but –  hey – it’s my blog.

To put it more succinctly: Those in control should learn to recognise when things are appropriate and when they are going way over the top in the direction of police state.

Guys – they want to be able to view our every move, ensure they enforce parking fines etc because the rose gardens were vandalised. Of course we would like to prevent vandalism but at what cost?

The police have told us we live in a very safe place with a low crime rate and a high detection rate. Are we going to erect further ugly and expensive surveillance equipment to apprehend litter louts next? Where does it stop? As mentioned in the last post we are the subject of excessive snooping. We have more CCTV cameras than many other countries. These countries have not fallen prey to anarchy and mob rule.

Stop this utter nonsense. Stop following the UK which isn’t a good example of successful law enforcement anyway. Earlier generations fought wars for our freedom. Are we worthy of the sacrifices they made? We are handing our freedom over on  a plate. Duh!


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