“Stand your ground”

Google Street is arguably one of the most intrusive programmes we have. Did you try asking the Data Protection Office about it prior to its going live? Did you get anywhere? I think the standard answer was that you could have the image of your property blurred by applying to Google. That seems to be the extent of your right to privacy. We have wall-to wall CCTV and of course more planned – why? Oh yes, to protect the rose gardens. It seems that we are under constant surveillance without our having given permission for any of this.

The following footage is actually quite light-hearted yet very revealing. Six photographers and accompanying videographers set out to take photos of London buildings. The private security heavies turned up and requested they desist. In some cases this resulted in their calling the police. But guess what? The police knew it was perfectly lawful. Case dismissed. Top marks to these guys!

You are permitted to take photos in a public place. With so many controlling statutes around it’s easy to forget who we are and who “they” are. Stand your ground:

A private security guard represents a corporate fiction and has no power over you unless you consent to stand under their authority which I am sure you wont. Such interference is clearly harassment and their “security” argument is irrational and holds no water.



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