Mainstream media and tweaking the truth

Another example of mainstream media’s lack of balance: Presidential candidate Ron Paul’s campaign receives next to no mainstream coverage. A retired doctor, Ron Paul is a long-standing member of congress. He has been a member of the Republican Party for many years and has been successfully returned at every election. He stood as a presidential candidate last time but received practically no mainstream media coverage – do you recall any BBC coverage of his campaign?

In a recent straw poll his name was withheld and he was referred to simply as “other.”


Today there is reference to the lack of media attention despite his phenomenal success in the straw poll. Why do they ignore him? Because they think he is unlikely to succeed. So information is passed on according to the opinion of the media outlets?

Why would the media attempt to completely ignore a popular candidate and attempt to disguise his name? Why did we not hear more coverage of Ron Paul last time round? The answer is simple. He is a libertarian. Paul is against big state and big control. He has demanded an audit of the Federal Bank (the one that everyone thinks is government but is actually owned by private bankers who print money out of thin air) and is a proponent of government control of the Fed. In other words he is not a part of the system. He would like to abolish income tax, which is in contravention of the US constitution in any case – which states that labour cannot be taxed and he is in favour of personal choice and freedom. That worries the establishment so much that they prefer to pretend the poll-topper isn’t there.

We are many. They are few, which is why they have to control the news. Just like the old soviet system days. How about that? Mainstream media is controlled.


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