Ireland: Serfs – NOT Citizens!


By Des Carty

Hope ye are all well.


At this stage on the “Freedom Bus” tour we need to make some stuff crystal clear. The primary aim of this national tour is to educate and teach people about three things …

1.    Contract LAW & how to use it to challenge ALL Debt.
2.    Securitisation & how the banks have conned US all.
3.    How banks create money out of thin air through the mechanism know as “Fractional Reserve Banking”.


On this journey; we have discovered that, NO bank in Ireland is an Irish bank. NO solicitor in this country can be trusted to represent YOUR interest, unless they are NOT with the Law Society of Ireland. NO Court or Judge on this land adheres to Contract LAW or to the Constitution, or administers LAW in a fair, judicial or equitable manner or form (FACT).


We have also discovered that Banks and their managers lie & forge documents, and perjure themselves in open court. That Garda can assault people and steal their property in public & that ALL the political “leaders” are standing idly by, or are on  holidays, while Irish people are being illegally and unlawfully evicted from their homes, businesses, lands and country …


As a side note; As something for you to digest while you await the bailiff or sheriff to arrive, whilst being unlawfully assisted and accompanied by An Garda Sióchana …


“The Irish Law Reform Commission, a body composed entirely of  lawyers, has made a startling proposal to the Irish Government :- that direct physical ownership of land should be introduced in the country and feudal tenure ended. All landholding Irish citizens are feudal tenants under the Irish constitution, NOT OWNERS! – 2006”. (Kevin Cahill – Who Owns The World – 2006).


In other words, Irish people DO NOT OWN the land. The State took over where the CROWN in name left off. Ireland became a so called “FREE STATE” in 1921 … A “Free State” within the larger ESTATE of the UK, CROWN or City of London. This is a startling revelation, but one that makes perfect and logical sense. We do not have a national bank, and we certainly do not have a money system or currency that is owned & controlled by & for the benefit of the Sovereign Irish People …


We know that ALL Politicians are the puppets of Bankers. We have also recognised that Economists in the public eye, or mainstream, do not break down their rhetoric or jargon, so that WE the People can understand what is going on. This job now falls to US, WE the People, that are on the Bus. We know this stuff and can explain it!


We will continue this journey, until EVERY MAN & WOMAN on this Sovereign Land, knows how to “Legally, Lawfully and Non-violently Challenge Debt” … Which means that; YOU WILL NOT have to leave your home, hand over your business, export your children, starve to death or commit suicide. You have got legal and lawful remedies. WE are not saying that the route of education and true knowledge is going to be easy, in fact, IT IS NOT EASY! But in the long run it is a better solution for us all, & better for our Children & Grandchildren.


ALL the Banks should have been burned long since, and well WE all know this. Let’s ALL stop ignoring the obvious and stop paying into the mechanism of our own societal & cultural destruction. We now have a very Legal, Lawful totally Non-violent process for doing that. By Asking Questions & Demanding Answers!

SEE YOU ALL SOON IN: Limerick,Tipperary, Wicklow & Wexford … details below.


NewcastleWest – Co. Limerick
•    Day Clinic: From 2pm (Town Centre).
•    Evening Talk: Courtenay Lodge Hotel.
•    Date: Tuesday 16th. August
•    Time:- From 6.30pm to 10pm
•    Local Contact: Seamus :             083 416 6136

Thurles – Co. Tipperary
•    Day Clinic: From 2pm (Town Centre).
•    Evening Talk: Hayes Hotel, Thurles
•    Date: Wednesday 17th. August
•    Time:- From 6.30pm to 10pm
•    Local Contact: Michael: 087 210 0746

Arklow – Co.Wicklow
•    Day Clinic: From 2pm (Town Centre).
•    Evening Talk: Arklow Bay Hotel, Arklow
•    Date: Thursday 18th. August
•    Time:- From 6.30pm to 10pm
•    Local Contact: Dominick:             086 821 9864

Gorey – Co.Wexford
•    Day Clinic: From 2pm (Town Centre).
•    Evening Talk: Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey
•    Date: Friday 19th. August
•    Time:- From 6.30pm to 10pm
•    Local Contact: Gerry: 087 257 5177

See You All Soon Folks and Remember …
“Don’t Play, Don’t Pay, Just Walk Away!”


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Keep yourselves well …
Des of the family Carty

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