Major drug research company faked thousands of documents

Manxasthehills2011: Relevant to the IOM? You betcha. The UK is obviously not opposed to GM food and what the UK embraces we do too, it seems. It’s a certainty that this topic will be “introduced” to the next government. First we’ll hear the hype about world food shortages and then the answer will be served up – I would be only too happy to proved wrong. GM means putting the world’s food supply in the hands of pharmaceutical companies. Could anyone seriously advocate that? Well,  I suspect that the “useful idiots” will be strategically placed if you catch my drift……
It is truly astounding to witness the utter corruption that takes place — and practically in plain sight — within the pharmaceutical drug industry. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that drug firm Cetero Research, for many years knowingly forged thousands of clinical trial documents for drug companies in order for them to gain drug approval. The FDA’s response to this, though is that this massive corruption is basically no big deal.

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