Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Yes, there were some changes – and some surprises. At the same time some things appear tiredly the same. Let’s hope that our new members choose our Chief Minister wisely. Someone with backbone, intelligence and wisdom. It’ s not impossible but it narrows things down considerably:)

As usual there will be despair about the non-existent Freedom of Information Act and the fact that few candidates appear really committed to introducing it. However, there are ways and means of dealing with this.

At this stage it’s impossible to say how this government will perform. One thing is sure:  Vigilant scrutiny starts now. (For those of us who are awake). Others will continue to dream their way through life not even realising that their MHK sidestepped the FOI issue at the requisition meeting nor registering the fact that past initiatives  seem to have been prompted by those on the government pay roll such as a Public Health Consultant and others. It seems to me that such advised actions are accepted without question.

I predict that foodstuffs and agriculture will be topics on the agenda of the next government. More and more laws are being implemented to restrict our easy access to healthy food. In the US it seems that a judge has declared that people have no right to consume the food of their choice:

This court is unwilling to declare that there is a fundamental right to consume the food of one’s choice without first being presented with significantly more developed arguments on both sides of the issue.

How is it relevant to the Isle of Man, you ask? Simply because we adopt global legislation masquerading as UK, EU whatever. Believe me, our new government will continue to be constantly confronted with unnecessary legislation which restricts our freedoms and is not without considerable cost. How many will have the backbone to question it?

We have the power.


We have the power.

Today’s the day! We can but hope that the best candidates are chosen – and for the right reasons. It appears that members of the electorate are eager to do their best as well. It is undoubtedly one of the most important elections for some time. Candidates of calibre would give us a headstart in the coming years. However, we mustn’t despair if weaker candidates are elected. If some MHKs can be a pushover for senior government employees then it stands to reason that they will also bow to public opinion.

Successful campaigns have always been based on  making voices heard. A vociferous minority can achieve amazing things. It has been done in the past. Even if many are not yet awake we can, and must, ensure that our voices are heard – repeatedly and constantly. It is our duty to safeguard our island from those who seek to sell us out. Vigilant scrutiny and incessant action is essential to keep members in line.

Use your vote wisely while bearing in mind that we have the power for the next five years. We must make use of it.

Are your candidates awake to the UK situation?

 It seems I must retract a statement I made the other day. Requisition meetings are not over, far from it. There was insufficient room for all the Onchan voters who wished to attend a requisition meeting last night and 150 people were turned away and will be given the opportunity of returning tonight. (Did someone underestimate the interest of the electorate, perhaps?).

 This was not the only requisition meeting to be convened in the last few days. It seems that some members of the electorate are taking a very active part in the election run-up. That has to be good news. Let’s hope that voters focus on the important issues: ensuring that the chosen candidate is able to think for himself and will do his utmost to regain control of our legislative system. (Please see previous posts if you doubt this statement). Some candidates have raised the issue of our following UK legislation: Richard Kissack and Chris Robertshaw in Douglas East and notably, Andrew Newington-Bridges for Ayre. If other candidates have also raised this point then please leave a comment. Voters please check your candidates’ manifesto(s) and simply ask your chosen candidate(s) if you are unsure of his position on this.

With hours to go we are surely becoming impatient to discover who the members of the new government will be. But don’t forget we have the power. Whoever is returned is answerable to us all and we can and must make that clear during the next few years. Persistence and tenacity will win the day for us all. Please vote wisely.

‘Governments don’t rule the world – Goldman Sachs rules the world’

Alternative media has been warning us for quite some time that the financial system is doomed to collapse. Many warned of dire happenings in autumn 2011. Mainstream media usually tries to ignore any of this. We note that the US has a reduced credit rating, there was the possibility of default at one stage, and perhaps there still is. The Euro is in serious trouble but mainstream sources (some refer to this as “dinosaur” media) aren’t going to tell us what is really going on. Followers of alternative media have known for a long time that burying our heads in the sand will get us nowhere in the long run. However, a recent interview with the BBC gave a trader the opportunity to get the message out. Actually, his message is not one of doom and gloom but about taking advantage of the predicted financial descent. He points out that a lot of money was made in the 1930s depression and the same can be done again.

Alessio Rastani refers to the stock market being “toast”, and compares the present economic crisis to a cancer – Rastani tells us ignoring it will not help, it won’t go away and we will find it’s too late. He goes on to advise us to prepare because ‘governments don’t rule the world – Goldman Sachs rules the world.’ His message is that everyone should protect themselves now for what is coming. Protect assets because savings will vanish. Hedging strategies are the answer, he adds.

If he’s right – and now you’ve heard it on the BBC (for those who are still into the old media) – then what is the Isle of Man Government going to do about this? We have reserves we are told. Maybe we should start protecting ourselves too and perhaps the Isle of Man could actually make some money out of this as well. Rastani says he dreams of a depression because of the earning potential it provides.

Of course there have been tweets about this and the possibility of a hoax. Unfortunately, the BBC’s very own Common Purpose man, Robert Peston, believes it to be genuine. So should we believe it in that case? Well, Rastani is far from the only person to be disseminating this message. The old media is just concerned that they were caught out.

Btw. – resentment towards the tiny minority which controls the world is growing. The present peaceful rebellion Occupy Wall Street continues.

Our work begins after the election

With just days to go before the election it seems there is little excitement in the local political arena. Candidates have circulated their manifestos, interviews have been conducted and requisition meetings attended. It seems it is now a waiting game. Does the electorate seek – or sense – change? Perhaps. A lady at a requisition meeting asked me if the present MHK would be returned this time. There was certainly doubt in her tone.

Members of the electorate have expressed dissatisfaction with the present situation. There have been negative comments about the outrageously unfair practice of non-contributory pension schemes for MHKs. One man asked meeting attendees if they trusted their MHK. The response could hardly be described as an overwhelming vote of confidence. It seems a fair assumption that a portion of the electorate is certainly looking for change. The question is whether suitable alternative candidates can be found.

While we may be unsure about voting for newcomers, if we feel miserably disappointed with our present MHK’s performance then it could be argued that doing the same thing and expecting a different result is a sign of delusion. If it seems it can’t get much worse perhaps it’s worth voting for a newcomer this time – after all the more of the old guard that is returned the more chance there is of their starting again where they left off. Do you really relish the prospect of that?

We simply cannot be sure how candidates would perform as MHKs but where we have suffered from weak representation and where MHKs appear to have followed personal agenda what choice is there? I would suggest trying someone else for five years is a reasonable response. We need members who can stand their ground and query things instead of unquestioningly accepting advice from government employees.

Once we have voted then we will have to accept the government that is formed. However, the big difference this time is that we seem to be hearing words of dissatisfaction and criticism. This time we are watching much more closely and scrutinising what goes on. We won’t give MHKs an easy ride. There is too much at stake (please browse previous posts). While the topic on everyone’s lips is “financial issues”, I would suggest that it all comes down to personal freedom. If we permit further erosion of freedom then we are proceeding along a rocky road because the ever-increasing restrictions and removal of freedoms being introduced by stealth could well leave little room for dissent. Expensive Big Brother surveillance and restrictions must cease – otherwise the prospect is not pretty.

Use your vote wisely. And remember that our participation doesn’t end there, this is where we come into our own. We can make our wishes known much clearer than we have been doing in the past. People Power is what it’s all about. We are many. They are few – and most of them would probably dearly like to continue their privileged lifestyles the next time round.

PS Will be in touch with contacts after the election to arrange meetings.

Do you know exactly what is contained in vaccines? You need to find out.

We are constantly bombarded with more and more media messages urging us to ensure we are vaccinated against flu, measles, swine flu, human papilloma virus etc. Vaccines are injected into the bloodstream. Surely we need to know exactly what is contained in the vaccine? Shouldn’t we obtain the explanatory leaflet before we agree to vaccination? How do we know what effects the ingredients could have?

Dr Andrew Wakefield discusses vaccines and explores the following: Big Pharma sponsoring vaccine films shown to children; some children agreeing to receive vaccine without parents’ consent or knowledge; vaccine side-effects not sufficiently understood; the inflammation / auto-immune issues. Could vaccine ingredients have the ability to switch on cancer genes?

Please, please take the time to view these videos.

Reports from other doctors:

The above is one of nine – please follow the links.

Feeling conned? Take control.

Self-satisfied MHKs offer no excuses for shortcomings over the last five years. Instead they smugly tell us that action was taken on experts’ say-so – and who in their right mind would not accept advice from experts, they reason. Those of us who can still think for ourselves will spot a major issue there – the advice is frequently the voice of one so-called expert. Opinions might well differ. It would be unusual if all specialists held identical views. However, it seems that some MHKs are happy to unquestioningly carry out the wishes of those holding senior positions in government. This carries an automatic disclaimer with it – we were advised that we should do this. Sounds a bit like Mr Earnshaw’s comment on being a “facilitator.” This must be of concern to those who are awake and aware of the causes of our present predicament. We need MHKs who can think for themselves and who are immune to pressure from unelected government employees.

How many of this calibre will we find amongst our candidates? Who knows? Does it matter? Remember – we have the power. Thorough and relentless scrutiny of what is revealed to the public (It would be naïve to believe that we are privy to what really goes on) is the Achilles of our well-heeled facilitators. We are many. They are few. Our new MHKs will meet with different circumstances. We are watching.

‘Take back control of our government’

At a requisition meeting a lady told me that someone was pulling a certain MHKs strings. This was not a suggestion. She took it as a given. I believe she is right. A previous post centred on regaining control of our legislative system – or in other words: Take back control of our government. This is what Roger Hayes urges in the following video (referring to the UK government). He explains how strings are pulled by various organisations and how far removed this is from really representing the people. Our wishes are ignored while more and more controls are introduced. This is going on right here right now.

Hidden agenda of the Bilderberg Group – undemocratic world government – confirmed?

Gerard Batten MEP has asked questions about those who attend the Bilderberg Group meetings. He casts doubt on the suggestion that it is only a talking shop. Why would so many world leaders attend – including George Osborne –  he asks? He suggests that these issues confirm the belief of many that the hidden agenda of the Bilderberg Group is to bring about undemocratic world government.

John Hemming MP – lack of transparency in the British family court system

The lack of transparency in British family court system is covering up a multitude of poor decisions, particularly those which rely on the reports of council-appointed psychologists – this is the belief of John Hemming Lib Dem MP and chair of the Families for Justice group.

I have seen many cases where the evidence provided is clearly wrong.

When parents are refused a ­second opinion, a bad report from a single psychologist who wishes to be on the good side of the local council, can result in the adoption of their children.

When the consequences are so serious we should not tolerate such unreliable evidence.

There needs to be an inquiry into the reports by psychologists to find if they are always failing parents in order to increase their income. Some psychologists do a really good job but others write what they are told by the local authority.