Lawful Rebellion Conference a Success

Thank you to those who attended the conference on Saturday. Special thanks to the speakers one of whom had to contend with ferry delays, although this was compensated for by other speakers expanding on their topics. (Video to be posted online very soon – will post link when available).

The topic of Child Stealing by the State was of interest to many more people than I had anticipated. As this topic is avoided by mainstream media and family courts are usually held in secret, obtaining facts and figures is challenging. However, this issue is obviously not unknown in the Isle of Man. Some of those who attended had personal reasons for trying to obtain more information or gain empowering insights. Please see the post below for further news on this topic.

How reassuring to know that there are people out there who are awake and can see things as they really are. How encouraging to make the acquaintance of so many reasonable, rational people who have simply discarded the rose-tinted specs and are prepared to look further than mainstream propaganda for their information. The most positive aspect of the conference is that we made new contacts and can further progress matters.

We are many. They are few.

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2 comments on “Lawful Rebellion Conference a Success

  1. Sorry i couldn’t make it in the end, was only back off holiday that Saturday morning with no sleep from travelling all night. Made up it was a success, hopefully a few more minds have been educated……
    Any idea when the video will be up?

  2. It was unfortunate that you couldn’t make it. There are many who are already wide awake! I don’t have any news on the video yet but will post details as soon as it’s available. Am replying to your email address with more details.

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