MHKs had better wake up because many of the electorate are already awake.

The previous blog (a collection of quotes from seemingly sane and well-balanced people) demonstrated a lack of transparency and democracy in government. Andrew Newington-Bridges (candidate for Ayre) also points out that we entered negotiations on the VAT agreement without being in the possession of stats. He questions how it is possible to negotiate on an unknown quantity. Quite! He bases this statement on a document from Anne Craine (straight from the horse’s mouth).

Unfortunately, while some areas of the island are awake and very aware of what’s going on there are other areas where dumbing down is apparently working well. The latest Manx Radio discussions, with some exceptions, have shown little evidence of candidates who are awake and aware. That’s unfair perhaps. They may well be aware that same old same old is what keeps the electorate blindly coming back for more. Why fix what isn’t broken? If members of the electorate want to discuss parking facilities and buses then so be it? Theo Fleurbaay certainly tried to steer the discussion towards national issues but is anyone awake enough out there to listen to him?

Richard Kissack raised the topic of the media. Even members of the media have mentioned government press releases, seemingly issued to persuade the reader towards the writer’s view rather than inform. Have you scoured the various local news websites for information? It seems that most outlets carry almost identical reports from government. Do you remember how we used to laugh at the UDSSR because the masses only received propaganda in the media. Media carried the news issued by the politburo. The official news.He who laughs last? Russians find it amusing that we believe media reports –  because they never did. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? When ministers can’t see why we should introduce a Freedom of Information Act, when there appears to be only one source of information about government, when there is no real investigative journalism – what have we got?

On the basis that:

  • News is controlled. Items are played down or are dutifully withheld by some media outlets – for instance the acquittal of the mother that didn’t receive much coverage as I recall.
  • Ministers have shown little interest in a Freedom of Information Act.
  • Information about the shadowy figure who prevented the issuing of a telecoms licence (see previous post) is unavailable to ministers in government.
  •  Further helpings of VAT are demanded from the UK and ministers negotiate using guesstimates, it seems.

Then I would suggest that we are being subjected to some form of control and it does not appear to emanate from our MHKs – although the reluctance to introduce a FOI Act could be viewed as collusion collaboration. Or is it self-protection?

Rest assured that even if many of the same candidates are returned, as a result of apathy or ignorance, they will not have such an easy game next time. We are many. They are few.


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