Slowly, slowly catchee monkey….

Imagine for a minute that you are running a once flourishing business but are now beginning to find it more difficult to sell your products. Some are saying that there are cheaper – even free – alternatives to some of your products, which can even be more effective than your wares in some cases. What if others claim that it has been proven that your products can have fatal effects in some cases and there is  also a feeling that this matter is being played down? What if others were claiming that your aim was not to produce problem-solving products but instead to ensure that the products had to be purchased continually? It is quite likely that this would effect your business.

However,  just supposing you also had the best connections possible and that you could influence a government and successfully engineer the compulsory use of your products. How good can it get?

Many California schools are barring students from classes if they haven’t received a whooping cough vaccine, in accordance with a state law passed last September.

The law, which requires that all students entering grades seven through 12 be vaccinated, took effect for the 2011-2012 school year. The state legislature passed a 30-day extension over the summer to give students more time to comply, but thousands of students still have not gotten the vaccine — and, depending on the school district they’re in, some of them can’t attend class until they do. 

California, you say? Couldn’t happen elsewhere? Compulsory vaccinations have been mentioned before. Remember the Swine Flu fiasco? Many countries had signed up to a WHO agreement to introduce mandatory vaccinations.  In any case if parents feel under pressure to have their children vaccinated, as some do right here in the Isle of Man,  then I would suggest that is tantamount to compulsory vaccination – or can you prove that this suggestion is untrue?

The above is an issue that could well arise in the next term of government. It could also be argued that California had set a precedent. Nothing new in compulsory vaccination then. How often do we hear that this or that is already practised here or there? Nothing radical about it then? Quite acceptable? Sadly, too many MHKs are open to this sort of argument. Slowly, slowly catchee monkey.


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