Feeling conned? Take control.

Self-satisfied MHKs offer no excuses for shortcomings over the last five years. Instead they smugly tell us that action was taken on experts’ say-so – and who in their right mind would not accept advice from experts, they reason. Those of us who can still think for ourselves will spot a major issue there – the advice is frequently the voice of one so-called expert. Opinions might well differ. It would be unusual if all specialists held identical views. However, it seems that some MHKs are happy to unquestioningly carry out the wishes of those holding senior positions in government. This carries an automatic disclaimer with it – we were advised that we should do this. Sounds a bit like Mr Earnshaw’s comment on being a “facilitator.” This must be of concern to those who are awake and aware of the causes of our present predicament. We need MHKs who can think for themselves and who are immune to pressure from unelected government employees.

How many of this calibre will we find amongst our candidates? Who knows? Does it matter? Remember – we have the power. Thorough and relentless scrutiny of what is revealed to the public (It would be naïve to believe that we are privy to what really goes on) is the Achilles of our well-heeled facilitators. We are many. They are few. Our new MHKs will meet with different circumstances. We are watching.


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