Do you know exactly what is contained in vaccines? You need to find out.

We are constantly bombarded with more and more media messages urging us to ensure we are vaccinated against flu, measles, swine flu, human papilloma virus etc. Vaccines are injected into the bloodstream. Surely we need to know exactly what is contained in the vaccine? Shouldn’t we obtain the explanatory leaflet before we agree to vaccination? How do we know what effects the ingredients could have?

Dr Andrew Wakefield discusses vaccines and explores the following: Big Pharma sponsoring vaccine films shown to children; some children agreeing to receive vaccine without parents’ consent or knowledge; vaccine side-effects not sufficiently understood; the inflammation / auto-immune issues. Could vaccine ingredients have the ability to switch on cancer genes?

Please, please take the time to view these videos.

Reports from other doctors:

The above is one of nine – please follow the links.


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