Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Yes, there were some changes – and some surprises. At the same time some things appear tiredly the same. Let’s hope that our new members choose our Chief Minister wisely. Someone with backbone, intelligence and wisdom. It’ s not impossible but it narrows things down considerably:)

As usual there will be despair about the non-existent Freedom of Information Act and the fact that few candidates appear really committed to introducing it. However, there are ways and means of dealing with this.

At this stage it’s impossible to say how this government will perform. One thing is sure:  Vigilant scrutiny starts now. (For those of us who are awake). Others will continue to dream their way through life not even realising that their MHK sidestepped the FOI issue at the requisition meeting nor registering the fact that past initiatives  seem to have been prompted by those on the government pay roll such as a Public Health Consultant and others. It seems to me that such advised actions are accepted without question.

I predict that foodstuffs and agriculture will be topics on the agenda of the next government. More and more laws are being implemented to restrict our easy access to healthy food. In the US it seems that a judge has declared that people have no right to consume the food of their choice:

This court is unwilling to declare that there is a fundamental right to consume the food of one’s choice without first being presented with significantly more developed arguments on both sides of the issue.

How is it relevant to the Isle of Man, you ask? Simply because we adopt global legislation masquerading as UK, EU whatever. Believe me, our new government will continue to be constantly confronted with unnecessary legislation which restricts our freedoms and is not without considerable cost. How many will have the backbone to question it?

We have the power.


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