Tune in, switch off

How dumbed-down can things get? Following alternative media we learn that Greek rioting is continuing and has escalated to the point that teargas has been used by the police.  Some financial commentators tell us that there are signs that Germany is printing Deutschmarks (well if the Euro collapses you’re going to need some form of currency). The Occupy Wall Street campaign is also continuing unabated. We also learn of recent UN votes regarding Syria and Palestine.

Now and again I steel myself and attempt to watch the old media. What do we get? A girl we will probably never meet has been acquitted of a  crime in Italy. This is headline news! Judging by the intro there wasn’t much else to hear about.  A soundbite about Cameron maybe – he’s warning us I think. What’s new there? That seems to be it. So we can all go back to sleep then? Yes, life is simple when you tune to the old media. It’s all going swimmingly except when the next financial crisis appears out of the blue. Didn’t see it coming of course.

Commentators in the alternative media have been telling us for some time that there will be a global financial collapse. It seems to be happening. The Euro doesn’t work but Europe doesn’t want to admit it. The US is hardly a shining example of a flourishing economy either. The UK? Same old. Do we really have to go down with the ship? There are alternatives.

It is all so reminiscent of days in the former USSR. Negatives news items didn’t get a mention and the few positives were hyped up – successful sporting events etc.  Some say the system is already in place but we just don’t see it because we believe we have freedom of choice.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’m not trying to bring you down. Just making the point that we need to legislate for ourselves. Why don’t we? The question at the requisition meeting was not answered. Why is that so difficult to explain? We are adopting EU legislation right, left and centre and no-one can tell us why? Same old won’t do.

We have the power.


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