Can we stand up to bullies?

Have we had good negotiators in the past? If we agreed to changes to the VAT agreement without reference to our own stats, was that a good move?

We are told that as players on the world stage we need those with experience in dealing with other countries. How do you diplomatically deal with dishonest practices and with ideologists who feel no guilt about causing hardship to millions of people? Critics state that this is what the EU is all about. The inability to accept a failed ideolology with dire results for many who, arguably, did not request the whole fiasco anyway. Were EU residents really given the choice to opt out? Were they consulted about the introduction of the Euro? Of course they weren’t because the EU appears to dictate to its members. 

So you have a institution that has not produced audited accounts for around thirteen years, yet demands ever-increasing contributions to its funds. Instead of admitting that the Euro is a failed experiment the EU appears to go to any lengths to ensure that the currency continues  – whatever the cost? If we have demonstrated that we have problems in dealing with the UK are we really up to negotiations with the EU? Its hardly a squeaky-clean set-up is it? We are most certainly not free of EU red-tape and legislation. Do we have the skills to deal with the ‘United States of Europe Insane Politics’?

(If anyone is averse  to clips from Russia Today then please show me where this kind of interview is conducted on British media. Did you notice today’s offering? Jobless numbers and another murder hearing report and of course Liam Fox’s life. There is apparently no life outside of the UK  – apart from Afghanistan and anywhere there has been a natural disaster. If this isn’t akin to the former communist media, what is?)


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