Occupy Duke Street?

Occupy Wall Street continues. Over the last few weeks various other cities have demonstrated their support for the occupation – including Dublin. Local intrepid:)  supporters are meeting tomorrow in Douglas in support of the NY occupation as well as the worldwide occupations happening tomorrow.

As this has received little publicity our home-grown supporters are inviting like-minded to meet up at Jabberwockey coffee shop at 1pm tomorrow, Saturday 15th. ‘ It will just be a relaxed chat with a bite to eat or a hot drink, sharing information and positive ideas. We will also have a couple of laptops there to watch live streaming of the various global occupations.’

That sounds like a nice sociable Manx version of things, doesn’t it?

This is what the occupations are all about:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Infomocracy Dilemma: Revolution or Disengagement?

 Robert Bonomo, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

A very small yet conscious minority has come to the realization that the current world regime is one giant corporate infomocracy that needs to be terminated with “extreme prejudice”, disengagement being the weapon of choice.  The next revolution will not be carried out by mobs of angry people, guerrillas, terrorists or, god forbid, politicians.  It will be accomplished by a small (10%) militant minority that will simply unplug the matrix.


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