Roundup Ready Alfalfa damages US seed industry

Roundup is a herbicide used with GM plants – thus Roundup Ready. The following report describes exactly how seeds cross pollenated and thus ruined the 20 years business preparation of a seed exporter. 

In the testimony given to the first RR court case and comments on the environmental impact statement, the so called “experts” claimed that the RR gene could be controlled so that there would be no contamination from the RR gene, but, in fact, the RR gene had already escaped in 2003 — two years prior to being deregulated for the first time in 2005. The USDA should be required to release all details of the experimental plantings prior to the June 2005 deregulation. Those records should detail how much, their locations, what precautions were taken to prevent escape of the mutant gene, who was responsible for the test, and who in the USDA approved it.

Beware of geeks bearing seeds.


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