Who are the advisors?

It seems that we are not about to find out who our ministers’ advisors are, not in the near future anyway. Eddie Lowey’s question in last week’s Legco Order Paper was removed. The media didn’t appear to query that although they did interview Alf Cannan about the question he removed from tomorrow’s sitting. How unfortunate. This information is of major importance to us all. If ministers join departments as complete novices and require advice that is quite understandable. If ministers do not feel sufficiently au fait with matters to contradict their advisors that is not so good. While they may be new to the department they do need to inform themselves and ask questions and not accept the proposed measures as necessary because someone says so.

Did you vote? Is that what you expected? Your candidate bows to the advisor with longstanding experience? No questions asked? I don’t have any experience in these departments either, however, I do have my manipulation detectors in full working order and I have reservations about advice that has been given in the past. I’ll just throw in fluoridation there for starters.

You don’t have to be an expert to use plain common sense. Of course we need to know who the advisors are because some ministers don’t appear to ask enough questions and therefore it is imperative to know who might be wielding suggestive power in some cases. Especially when suggestions can be adopted! It seems that some of the electorate are simply too weak, too apathetic or too compliant to question this. It seems to me that it’s the elephant in the room.


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