We’ll decide what’s good for us – not Big Brother

The following video of food being destroyed, by order, turned my stomach. This had nothing to do with the apparently prime quality produce, it was the visible confirmation of how things really work. GM food is a big money-maker for companies like Monsanto, just as many companies make a killing out of artificial additives, so it seems that these things are always declared good and healthy while naturally grown organic food is a health risk apparently and therefore had to be disposed of and covered in bleach. How strange that the people in many countries throughout the world where food is still grown in the traditional manner often live to a ripe old age in robust health – instead of ending their days in care homes, the norm in many western countries, where western diet is consumed.

Locally, we have yet again seen interference in our affairs from outside our shores, this time it severely affected the scallop fishers. Have you tried obtaining raw milk lately? Pasteurised is safer you say? Again I would draw attention to the numbers of people throughout the world who consume raw milk. Are they dropping like flies? Pasteurisation preserves milk. It extends the shelf life. I used to wonder why eggs made me feel so ill. I only later discovered that synthetic dyes had been fed to hens to achieve a particular yolk colour. When did I give anyone permission to feed me junk? That was done without so much as a by your leave. Likewise non-organic food was introduced into the food chain in the last century without any warnings that consumers were purchasing vegetables that had been sprayed with highly poisonous chemicals.

Restrictions are ever-increasing but can anyone claim that this is for our own good?  Monsanto et al continue to try to ply their wares in other countries having perhaps saturated the local market. America is hardly the home of healthy lifestyle. Americans receive horrendous amounts of vaccinations – often mandatory – yet they are some of the most unhealthy people on the planet. Please compare cancer rates, obesity rates etc. We can decide for ourselves what is healthy and what isn’t. Unless of course we are still mind controlled by the media and cannot rationalise any more.

To return to the video : These guys prefer quality, organically (that means normal, traditionally) grown food and with little farming experience at the outset have now become successful growers.


Nevada Heath District Raids Picnic

An organic farm Nevada was having a picnic and the Authorities showed up! Thank God or we may eaten some eaten some GMO food.

Want to let this woman know how you feel?

Mary G. Oakes, PhD, REHS
Environmental Health Specialist II, and Squasher of the Quail Hollow Farm Farm to Fork dinner event:
(702) 759-1681 office
(702) 538-6424 cell


You don’t think there’s something wrong with things ?


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