Dictatorship: absolute, imperious or overbearing power or control

Does anything about the EU seem democratic and transparent? Does anything about the EU give us freedom of choice or do EU diktats control us and reduce our freedom? Does it matter? If we adopt EU legislation through the back door then it seems we need to know very much more about this collective.

Berlusconi hung on to power despite the fact that he had become very unpopular with some of the electorate. Somehow, he managed it. Yet, following his statement that Italians were poorer as a result of the euro he had to go immediately. Likewise Papandreou had to leave the stage after he had the audacity to listen to the people of Greece and suggest a referendum. The new leaders have never been elected. They have no democratic mandate to take over. This is how John Laughlan of the Paris Institute of Democracy and Co-operation describes the present situation.

Remember the Irish vote that didn’t fit the plan? They were told to vote again. Is this Dictatorship? Definition: absolute, imperious or overbearing power or control. If this is what we want we just have to keep ignoring the extent to which matters here are controlled by the EU.



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