Environmentally controlled

More landgrabbing in the USA:

  It all started when a couple, Chantell and Mike Sackett, purchased a .63 acre parcel of land where they planned to build a new home. They obtained all the needed permits, followed all the local laws and then started work on their new home.


Just as the couple started work on their new home the Environmental Protection Agency showed and demanded that they stop building. They then issued a “compliance order” that the couple restore the land to its native condition, plant trees and shrubs every 10 feet, fence off  the property and let the land sit untouched for three years.

They then demanded payments of over a quarter of a million dollars to “request” permission from the U.S. government to build on their own land. To make matters even worse they began to fine the couple $37,500 per day. Those fines are now over $40 million. Read more:


Why is this of any relevance to the Isle of Man, you ask? Because frankly the US, the EU and the UK (thus IOM) are invisibly joined at the hip IMO. When we hear of stories of extreme rules or riducously excessive red tape people tend to shake their heads, put it down to incomeptence and accept that things aren’t what they used to be. However, my opinion is that this is not a case of the system going wrong, I believe it is the way the system works. Through membership of international organisations and ratification of international agreements we open the door to interference from elsewhere.

I do not believe it is in our interests or that it is a case of sacrificing because we want to save the planet. While the US permits fracking (see previous posts) with highly potent chemicals and persistent reports of severe illness and tap water that can be set alight then the government loses all credibility as a crusader for the environment. It is my opinion that this is all about obscene profits and control. Let’s see the real polluters clean up their acts before we accept further restrictions.

The globalists tell us that there are too many of us polluting the planet. They aim for drastic population reduction – check it out. Especially the Georgia Guidestones. The real polluters are those who are recklessly pursuing their financial goals to the detriment of the planet. I don’t believe that car sharing is going to save it because I don’t believe that the average person is the real environment criminal.

This is not about capitalism vs (heaven forbid) collectivism. It is about the people in corporations who ruthlessly pursue their goals. Forget the collective guilt trip we are being given about being a blight on the earth. No-one has ever thought of levying taxes to feed the starving in other countries, have they? Yet, that would appear to be a much more urgent cause. The environmental guilt thing is all about control, it seems to me.


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