Half a million down the drain?

Zac Hall the new member for Onchan queried the recent request from the Isle of Man Water and Sewage Authority for half a million pounds to be spent on pumping stations. Mr Hall feels that there was a lack of sufficient information about this finance request. However, he was told that the authority had sent out as much detail as it could without breaching commercial confidentiality and Tim Crookall added that Mr Hall could have obtained more information had he contacted the authority sooner. Zac Hall’s attempt to defer the vote was overruled.

It seems that a similar request had been made about five months ago for funds for ten stations and only months later  a further half million is being requested for nine stations. Mr Hall felt that the information contained in two A4 sheets was not sufficient and a request for further details resulted in another A4 sheet of information which he feels did not reveal the extent of information necessary to make a decision on the funding.

Let’s hope that Mr Hall makes his dissatisfaction with any future issues plainly known before the sitting – if this is how it works. It seems to me that this MHK deserves a round of applause for making his opinion known.


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