NLP techniques can change behaviour – within government. Foxy thinking.

The latest Brian Gerrish Youtube video release deals with the Liam Fox scandal and what the old media did not adequately reveal – the focus on Fox’s male escort was merely a smoke screen. It seems the important aspect is much darker and relates to arms dealers and the financing and promotion of politicians – and BG reminds us how important it is for arms dealers to foment war. (Remember Eishenower’s warning!).

The interview touches on cold, dark Gramsci Marxism and how this is intended to be introduced incrementally without the public realising. The break up of the family unit is key to implementing this and Brian Gerrish does not hesitate to mention state-sponsored child kidnapping. If you wonder how this infiltration of British politics could possibly be achieved, Common Purpose could provide the means.

Common Purpose uses NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming – techniques. It seems that these techniques can change values, beliefs and behaviour although the person involved may not realise that his behaviour has changed. NLP experts approached Brian Gerrish as a result of their concerns of  inappropriate use of this method of mind-changing tactics. The experts have given Brian a helpful insight into the methods used.

We are told that CP is embedded in the highest levels of British Government and that each department has a cell. Now if this affects decision-making and if this influences policy making and legislation and if the IOM adopts UK policies and legislation with little real scrutiny then this has to be of concern.

Indeed the question is whether or not we have Common Purpose training within government. It could possibly be carried out under a different name. It seems to me that we need to know a lot more about our advisors and about training programmes undertaken by members of government and the civil service. This is not an accusation – it simply validates our longstanding requests for Freedom of Information. Without knowing a lot more about our advisors how can we possibly entrust them with our future? CP famously refers to leading beyond authority and useful idiots. This stuff is powerful and we need to know if it has reached our shores.

The bottom line is that people are waking up, at an exponential rate, to what is going on – resulting in a rocky ride while those who control things from the shadows try to hold on to the reins. Their time is running out.

It’s well worth listening to the former naval Lieut. Commander who has a shrewd insight into enemy tactics.


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