What is a Crown Dependency? What is the Crown?

Freemen tell us that words are powerful. They tell us that the meaning of words can be changed so that we are unaware of the true meaning. We have learnt that there is a lingo used in the legal world called legalese.

We have also looked at the strawman e.g. Mr Smith vs. the real living being as in ‘John of the Smith family.’ We are aware of the difference between legal and lawful and considered if it is possible to take legal action against a real living human being.

Now we learn that The City doesn’t mean London city. 

When we speak of ‘The City’ we are in fact referring to a privately owned Corporation – or Sovereign State – occupying an irregular rectangle of 677
acres and located right in the heart of the 610 square mile ‘Greater London’ area. The population of ‘The City’ is listed at just over four thousand,
whereas the population of ‘Greater London’ (32 boroughs) is approximately seven and a half million.

Similarly, we are told that the Crown does not refer to the Queen or the monarchy:

The ‘Crown’ is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or ‘The City.’ ‘The City’ is
not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is not under the rule of the British parliament. Like the Vatican in Rome, it is a separate, independent state. It is the Vatican of the commercial world.

Could this be true? If so:

What is a Crown Dependency? On whom, or what,  is the dependence?

As always – if someone can convincingly demonstrate the above claim to be untrue,  please do so. Clarity and transparency is to be welcomed.


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