Are environmentalists green?

How green can we be? If we listen to the constant barrage of environmentalists we would be very green if we were naïve enough to follow all these recommendations. It would be a pity if those with the best intentions were being used in order to achieve the aims of unknown parties. However, the enviromental scare stories are being put out there for just that reason – to scare us into behaving as they wish us to behave and to accept controls. Did you notice the 50,000,000 climate refugees last year? No? Don’t tell me the United Nations Environment Programme got it wrong in 2005?

Of course we wish to preserve the island as well as we have done over the years and maybe improve on some things too. However, the much-endorsed Rio Convention resulted in the publication of Agenda 21 and this is a highly questionable document. 

What is it about?

1) Agenda 21 envisages a new order of all member states that

  • restricts or completely suspends the sovereignty of each nation
  • adheres to global control  – (Commission of Global Governance) Trilateral Commission
  • confers control to non-elected organisations (Non-Governmental Organisations)

2) The agenda formulates demands which superficially appear honourable and worthy of support, but closer examination reveals the action plan for a Marxist-indoctrinated society which is based on a distorted or even a false interpretation of the global situation and aims to realise a neo communist global model.

The above has been taken from a translation of a document by Dr Olaf Kron. English title: Agenda 21 – timetable for a journey into a totalitarian system

Dr Kron goes on to suggest how we can go about counteracting these overbearing measures which could be imposed upon us by green-thinkers

  • Look carefully into which games are being played on the political stage and what they reveal. Stand up for your basic political rights and do not allow our nation to continue to relinquish our sovereignty to non-transparent authority
  • Help ensure that each nation continues to submit its own cultural contribution in the symphony of world events in a position of self-determination among other independent nations
  • Resist the indoctrination attempts to convince you that we need a global world government in order to solve world problems such as hunger, poverty and environmental destruction
  • There is a need for a democratic social structure based on the subsidiary principle, in which decision are open to scrutiny and can be inspected by the people
  • Ensure continued connections to decisions in your local town or village
  • The ability to speak the same language and the use of the same mentality as the decision makers
  • Defend your own interests against abstract norms

Dr Kron goes on to say that wide control by way of legalised private organisations or international non-elected groups is unacceptable for nations which promote democracy. (My emphasis – manxasthehills)

Windfarming is another globalist gag and it would be really informative to be able to join up the dots – who is actually promoting this, who has financial involvement etc.?  Windfarming is outdated. There are much more sophisticated energy production methods that you and I could use in our own homes. Why doesn’t anyone promote these? Maybe because a one-off purchase could make us completely independent of energy companies. Well, they couldn’t have that – could they?

Ask questions. Who really profits from windfarming? What come-back do we have if this turns out to be a white elephant? Remember IRIS? Remember the incinerator energy from waste plant? Remember the MEA power station? How much say did we really have in those decisions? Are we still paying for them? Has anyone had the decency to explain why these projects didn’t work out in our favour? Have you ever been had?


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