Where do government members obtain information? Is climate alarmist propaganda taught in schools?

Phil Gawne tells us we “won’t escape climate change.”  What  evidence forms the basis for this prediction? Mr Gawne’s dedication to ecological matters is praiseworthy. However, the argument for climate change and the extent to which this will supposedly affect us is not satisfactorily proven. And let’s face it –  50,000,000 people is a pretty massive miscalculation (please see previous post). If you can make that kind of an error maybe you could be erring in other areas as well.

First it was Global Warming then after a series of cool years it became Climate Change. As usual some will profit from the scaremongering. Mr Gawne refers to it being slightly more expensive to climate-proof new buildings and new infrastructure projects. We hear buzz words like “increased floods” mentioned. And we learn that his department “will be working on key headline messages. These messages will focus on adaptation, awareness-raising and clarifying…..”

Oh no. I feel another dose of brainwashing conditioning coming on. It feels like another Agenda 21/ Rio Convention assault on freedoms and common sense.

Klaus Ermecke tells us that flawed assumptions form the basis of the scaremongering we are subjected to. In a dispassionate look at the situation he focuses on the basis of the entire belief system of the climate change cult:

The commonly believed notion that increased CO2 will catastrophically warm the planet does not hold up to scientific scrutiny and the laws of physics.

 In his booklet Rescue from the Climate Saviors. Is the “Global Climate” really in Danger?

http://www.ke-research.de/downloads/ClimateSaviors.pdf  he makes the following recommendations:

Politics in general, political parties

  • “Global warming” by “greenhouse gases” simply does not exist. Don’t damage your reputation by adhering to wrong physical perceptions. Bury any pretensions that you or anyone else can “protect the climate”!
  • “De-climatise” the political discussion. There are many good (and bad) reasons to build even more economical power plants, heaters and engines. Increasing CO2 is none of them
  • Review memberships in your “expert groups” for energy and environment. Make sure that your policy is not remote-controlled by green lobby groups.

 National/Federal Governments

  • Stop funding of pseudo science and “climate projects.”
  • Halt and repeal any Kyoto/Copenhagen cap & trade schemes – and veto or resist climate regulation by the UN, EU or other international bodies. 

States and local districts

  • Ban CO2 greenhouse propaganda from your schools:
  • Review all publicly funded “Agenda 21” projects regarding their objectives and their costs and benefits!
  • Remove any positions of “climate rescuers” from your organizational charts.


  • Step up to the offensive against climate propaganda and defamation campaigns.
  • Do not supply additional credibility to anti-industrial ideology by submissive PR messages – and never pay to green pressure groups.
  • Consider legal challenges against any “cap & trade” regulation.


  • “See through the game! “Saving the climate” is a smoke screen –  in fact it’s all about moving money and power to the saviors, while you pay the bill.
  • Fight climate alarmist propaganda being taught to children in schools, such as by speaking to teachers and filing complaints if necessary. Forward our paper!

  • Avoid “green investments”! When the greenhouse dogma collapses, the inefficiency of “renewables” will become apparent. CO2 certificates will become worthless – subsidies for“green energy” could be withdrawn.

Sound common sense is music to the ears. It seems the topic of so-called Climate Change is not to be questioned or denied. Thank goodness for sane, pragmatic analysis. Why on earth are we afraid to question something that is being used to control our everyday lives?




2 comments on “Where do government members obtain information? Is climate alarmist propaganda taught in schools?

  1. KE research is not a “research institute”. It is an obscure one man show “company” led by a former German military man without any scientific education or any other kind of acquired knowledge about basic physics. He just tells people things they want to hear, such as: you do not need to care, go on as you did, there is not such a thing as IR active gases, beleave me, I talked once with one or two climate sceptics they beleave it too, bla bla bla…

    It is ridicoulous guys.

    • Klaus Ermecke includes the following enlightening talk amongst his youtube links.

      Dr Tsheuschner also mentions that children are being fed unproven stories about so-called climate change in school. He makes many other very pertinent points. I would be grateful for your answer to each of these.

      IPCC members are not all leaders in their field, which we are led to believe. While they continue to ignore years of weather modification in their ‘models’ they also appear reluctant to share all the data on which the models are based with the many scientists who do not share the IPCC conviction of impending doom.

      And if that’s not bad enough the climate fearmongers would like to silence those who even query the validity of these models and guesses. And indeed have trolls who trawl the internet to query any articles they can find.

      Only a few years ago we were informed that there would be 50,000,000 climate refugees by 2010. There would be no arctic ice in 2013 etc. etc (Not so long ago we were being told how beneficial global warming would be). No wonder many of us don’t swallow these stories. Open up this topic for full public and peer discussion and review. Include all weather modification schemes carried out in the past, ongoing and future in calculations. The we can talk.

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