Vaccines vs natural immunity. Tonight’s discussion.

For those who don’t swallow everything Big Pharma produces without some critical analysis this evening’s discussion, Vaccines vs Natural Immunity,  at Ramsey’s new Northern Lights Community Centre will surely be of interest. At the time of year when we are urged to obtain flu jabs this is a particularly pertinent topic. Isn’t the immune system the body’s best defence? 

Bill Tucker (EFT and German New Medicine) takes a look at the following questions:

  • Are vaccines keeping us sick?
  • Is there a hidden agenda in the vaccines?
  • Thimerosol, mercury and aluminium in flu jab?
  • Is health the only immunity?
  • The healthy Hopewood and Amish children
  • What really causes illness and disease?
  • What do we need to heal to stay healthy?

The Northern Lights Community Centre is opposite Shoprite car park.




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