Alternative operators – certainly for freight

A local shop was looking quite empty this afternoon. Friday usually sees quite a large delivery but today there were none and the staff told me that large stores have priority when there are freight delivery problems. Although the shop is always busy and thriving the pre-Christmas period is a time when a healthy amount of extra sales are expected. Maybe money will come rolling in when stocks arrive, but maybe those purchasers will have spent their money elsewhere by then. If this local business should lose money it is obvious that they can expect little assistance from the company who is arguably the cause of their problem.

The start of the year saw a head-on clash between the Steam Packet and Mezeron. I seem to recall that there was a suggestion that Mezeron was cherry-picking and that the poor old Steam Packet was committed to providing  a service under the User Agreement. Where is the service?

However, this little freight war ended on a positive note for Phil Gawne:

Mr Gawne said he believed the Steam Packet had gained public support in the last four months. ‘It needed to improve, it has improved and it needs to continue to improve,’ he said.

He said a Council of Ministers’ working group set up last year was reviewing its policy if ‘the worse came to the worse and we ended up with no supplier’.

The last four months had shown that it was unlikely that the Isle of Man would be ‘cut off’ if for some reason the Steam Packet could not sail, as there were alternative operators certainly for freight.

Many of us do feel cut-off. Not only on the shop front but also on the media front. Radio and newspaper comment is amazingly restrained – and just why is the topic unavailable on Manx Forums at present?

What happened to the invisible report on the Steam Packet? If it is no longer available was someone given the right to destroy the report and if so by whom?


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