Who compensates local businesses for lost custom?

So the topic can now be discussed again on Manx Forums but the situation hasn’t changed otherwise. Businesses in Ramsey are participating in the annual pre-Christmas Sunday opening but is some cases there is little to sell. Why shouldn’t the company responsible for this hit on local businesses pay compensation? Is the Steam Packet untouchable? Surely this can’t be described as a ferry service?

Have our members rapidly stepped in and taken control of the situation to ensure local businesses have a fair crack of the whip over the Christmas period? Ramsey Bakery would have had to cease production if Mezeron had not been able to transport the yeast that was urgently needed. It seems that local businesses are not of great concern. Does the present situation instil confidence in the ferry operators? Those with longer memories know that the Steam Packet was one of the most reliable services around – when they had suitable vessels. In years gone by the shelves were never empty because the boat nearly always sailed.

Gales are forecast for the coming week. It would seem a good idea to stock up the store cupboard. While Mezeron has managed to sail on most days it seems, the Steam Packet vessels have not been in frequent enough service to keep our businesses stocked up and there is little sign of concern from tptb. At what point would Tynwald decide that it should intervene? When would the situation be judged to be serious enough to implement other measures?

Shouldn’t compensation be payable for the financial impact this is having on local business?


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