Crime falls again – so why the Orwellian measures?

There has been a further significant fall in the level of recorded crime in the island.

A reduction of 27.1% in domestic burglary has been recorded. As residential areas are not (yet) covered by CCTV it is unlikely that this technology has played any large part in that.

It seems that we were told last year that crime had dropped 40% over a three year period. 92% of respondents say they are happy with the Manx constabulary performance. And once again we are assured that the island is a safe place. All this sounds very reassuring and what reason have we to doubt it? The question is why we continue to make cuts in education and leisure facilities for the young while we persist in erecting ugly Orwellian CCTV/lamps? Isn’t there something very odd going on here? It appears that we have little money available for the provision of sports or cultural facilities for youngsters but we can spend enormous amounts of money on observing them.

The Isle of Man is a safe place to live. It also still has a reasonably good quality of life. This is diminishing as a result of the imported security controls and recommendations we adopt. Let’s appreciate and cherish what we have and save a fortune on further snooping equipment.

PS Does anyone recall the measures – verging on draconian – contained in the Justice Bill? Where on earth did these proposals come from and why were they considered desirable?


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